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Is your back starting to get stiff from sitting all the time in front of your laptop or monitor? Are you looking for an easy way to say good-bye to back pain? If so, you’d probably benefit from getting a massage device.

In today’s oPillow Back Massager review, we’ll talk about this product in detail so you can see if it’s a good product for you.

How Can You Benefit From oPillow?

The oPillow Back Massager is an electronic massage device from NAIPO that’s designed purely for your convenience and relaxation.

If you:

  • Spend hours in front of a computer
  • Work in a seated position
  • Do a lot of computer gaming
  • Tend to experience back pain
  • Feel like your posture is getting worse
  • Don’t want to get a massage outside the home

… then, the oPillow Back Massager could be the solution to all your problems. It’s a slim, compact, and convenient answer to your backaches and pain.

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It can also help you achieve proper posture by reducing the strain on your spine. With this product, NAIPO advertises that soothing relief can be had with a touch of a button, without the hassle of scheduling a massage session outside your home.

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oPillow Back Massager Review


Intended specifically for the user’s comfort, the oPillow Back Massager was created for optimal efficiency. It has an area of 11.5 x 8 inches, with a comfortable 4 inches in thickness that fits right into your upper shoulders when sitting down. 

The back pad that clips onto the back of your chair ensures that the device is positioned right where it needs to be. It also provides full support when you rest on it. Lastly, it has an 80.5-inch power supply cable, so you can be sure that it will reach to your work area.

The weight of the pillow and charger is about 2.9 lb (1.3 kg) and the back pad is about 0.45 lb (200 g).

Man using oPillow Back Massager


Four Massage Nodes

The first time you lean on the oPillow Back Massager, you can immediately tell that the massage nodes are specifically positioned to target the spots in your back that feel most sore when sitting for long periods of time. 

They knead into your muscles by rotating in an inward-outward, backward-forward motion. It also reverses every once in a while, which, in my opinion, gives the experience a more realistic massage feel.

oPillow Back Massager

In my experience, there were only two downsides to the massages I received from the oPillow. One, using it for too long in the same place may feel repetitive and two, I found the massages to be a bit too hard sometimes, especially in areas where I only needed a soft massage.

Relaxing Heat

oPillow’s automatic heat feature helps in reducing the soreness and stress accumulated after long periods of sitting down. It’s perfect for when you want to take a break and relieve your tired muscles after a long day in front of your desk.

oPillow’s automatic heat feature

However, because the heating turns on by default, you have to remember to turn it off before sitting down if you don’t want it on. It also typically takes around five minutes for the massage cushion to cool down completely, so bear this in mind. 

Moreover, if you’re not using AC at home, the oPillow could feel hotter than usual during the summer months.

Convenient Chair Hook Design

With other products, you have to be in a certain position to use them conveniently – like lying down on your bed, for instance. oPillow, on the other hand, lets you clip the massager directly to your work chair, including soft-top chairs and gaming chairs, as long as it’s thinner than 1 3/16 inches (3 centimeters). 

It’s perfect for wherever you spend most of your seated time, particularly if you’re a dedicated gamer, programmer, or office worker. The oPillow basically gives you the convenience of a good massage, even while you’re busy doing other things.

oPillow attached to a chair

Moreover, the cable is long enough to plug into the nearest outlet from your chair. This means your massage session won’t be interrupted by you moving your chair around while you’re sitting down. The long cable also allows you to back the chair up while standing without any issues.

Versatile Use

Even though it is mainly a back massager that you clip onto your chair, the design doesn’t limit oPillow’s function. You can disassemble the clip and put the massager on any surface that you desire. The cushion button is located in an easy-to-reach place, making it convenient to use the massager, regardless of where you put it.

This allows you to use the massager on areas such as your thighs or your calves. Just straighten your leg and place it on a flat surface – like your couch – and place the oPillow underneath it.

oPillow used with a leg

It can also be used as a neck massager, although it can be a bit more difficult to find the right spot. First of all, you’ll need to find a good position where the massager can actually reach your neck and not your head.

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In my experience, I found that putting a pillow under my shoulders if I wanted a neck massage helped me get more comfortable and relaxed right away. I was even able to use it for a long period of time, provided that I position it properly first.

oPillow used for the next

Efficient Design

The product is compact, portable, and can be easily set up in any chair with a usable surface, making it great to use whether you’re at home or on the go.

The height and position of the massager can be adjusted without difficulty, even while you’re sitting down, covering your whole back. In fact, adjusting its vertical position is very easy while you’re sitting down, although sometimes, the hook may hike up from the top of the chair’s back if you do, which you’ll have to readjust it again.

Sleek design of oPillow

Not to mention, there’s no need to interrupt your relaxation with remotes that can go missing or malfunction. As mentioned earlier, turning oPillow on and off is not difficult at all due to its easy-to-reach controls. Just lean back, turn it on, and relax.

Build Quality

oPillow has a sleek, minimalistic design that looks both classy and modern. It would definitely go well with any desk setup that you might have.

oPillow sleek and minimalist design

The breathable mesh fabric construction of the massager allows for thorough heat dispersion and optimal air circulation, while the soft but durable cushion of the back pad allows for comfortable but reliable support.

Breathable mesh fabric construction

The massager sticks to the back pad through some heavy-duty velcro tape that is easy to detach and adjust, but difficult to move while attached.

Back pad through some heavy-duty velcro tape

One concern I have with the design is the velcro tape attachment system. Although it works well enough for now, the pad may become stringy and frayed and the tape itself worn out with repeated use.

What We Liked

  • Convenience. It’s super easy to use. You can leave it strapped to your chair and plugged in as you work, and you won’t even have to get up to turn it on.
  • Versatile aesthetic. Its minimalist design blends in perfectly with any workstation setup you have.
  • Comfort. I found the combination of 3D massaging movements and heat to be quite relaxing.
  • Light and portable. Because of its compact design and easy setup, the oPillow is not a hassle to bring with you even when you have to go somewhere. Perfect for those business trips where you spend long hours at your hotel room desk preparing for a meeting.

What We Don’t Like

  • Lack of heat control. The heat can be a little too much, especially in the hotter seasons. It would be nice to have an option to control the heat.
  • Lack of massage strength control. Although a rolling massage can be very relaxing, it might be too hard for some people. 
  • Hard surface. Having it on your chair for long periods of time could get quite uncomfortable due to the hard surface.
  • A bit noisy. You’ll hear a tiny noise coming from the cushion as you use it. I found this to be a minor issue and I myself don’t mind it, but I still think it’s worth noting as some might not like it.

What Makes oPillow Back Massager Special?

In my opinion, what really makes the oPillow stand out is its innovative design. The way that you can clip the massager to the chair and have it on standby while you work is perfect for many people who have to spend a lot of time sitting in a chair.

Unlike other massage pillows that you wrap around your chair’s backrest, oPillow has its own support pad that provides additional comfort and strength to the massager as you lean into it. This pad is also the same thing that holds the massager device up.

Therefore, the back pad also functions as an adjustment mechanism as you can easily detach the massager and move it up or down your back. The position it allows is firm yet flexible, and ultimately brings a lot of comfort. This is a kind of functionality that I haven’t yet seen in other products.

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NAIPO is a company that manufactures products that aim to improve their customers’ health and well-being. Through their affordable and reliable massage products that make good use of modern technology, NAIPO encourages healthy living and prioritizes health over anything else.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always liked the experience of using massage devices before and you tend to spend all your time sitting on a chair, then NAIPO’s oPillow Back Massager is the perfect product for you.

Did you like our oPillow Back Massager review? Feel free to let us know in the comments if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions!

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oPillow Back Massager




Ease Of Use


Value for Money


Build Quality





  • Perfect for gaming and those who sit for long periods of time
  • Slim and compact
  • Convenient and easy-to-reach controls
  • Has 4 massage nodes for relaxation
  • Can be used on different parts of the body
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Heating turns on by default
  • Hard surface could be uncomfortable
  • Massages may be too hard for some
  • Makes a small amount of noise while in use

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Tech editor and senior writer Michael Duong is passionate about technology and innovation. He codes open-source projects and plays quiz games in his free time. An expert in his field and an avid learner, always seeking to expand his knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving world of technology. His specialization is mobile security and mobile data safety. Follow Michael on Twitter and Github.

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