Want To Sell Your Old Mobile Phone? Here Is What You Need To Do First

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Should I sell my used mobile phone? It is a typical question that arises when you want to buy a new model. It does make sense to sell the phone rather than keeping it at home or throwing away in the garbage. 

Know that you’re not going to get the full amount when you sell a broken mobile phone online, even at the best rates. 

But, if you have kept the device in great condition, you can still get a decent amount. It will help you cover a small portion of the amount required to purchase your next device. 

Here are some things to keep in mind before you sell your mobile phone:

Collect All Your Unused Devices

If you are someone who regularly sells old phones, you can skip this step. This is for those of you who are selling old mobile phones on websites like Rapid Phone Buyer.

It might be that you have never sold any gadgets in the past, so you may have quite a few old phones lying around. It, therefore, makes sense to sell all the devices at once, rather than selling them one by one, over and over again. 

Spend an hour or so to find all your old devices by doing a quick search in all the possible places. 

Old and unused devices should be sold so they can be reused because they contain harmful chemicals that need proper disposal. It is best to not contribute to the junk that affects our planet.

Identify The Worth Of Your Device

Do a quick search to identify the worth of your device. 

This is as straightforward as visiting different websites where the brand is being sold and entering your phone’s details, including the manufacturer, model, condition, and other features like the storage space. 

Remember to check with your network service provider, as well. Sometimes, your device might be worth more in account credit or gift cards, than in cash, elsewhere.

You can also visit the different auction websites, like eBay and Craigslist, to check the price offered for identical devices.  It should not take too long before you understand what buyers want to pay for your device.

Decide How You Want Payment

Since you are now aware of how much your gadget is worth, consider what payment method you would prefer

Do you urgently need money, as soon as the transaction happens? Will it be okay if you need to wait a week or two, or to get the payment via PayPal transfer? Or do you want a credit that you can use towards the purchase of your next device?

Each buyer offers distinct payment options and the exact duration of the sale transaction and receipt of payment will vary with each of them. 

Keep in mind that the buyer may run their own evaluation of your device. Based on that, they might offer you a reduced price or might cancel the deal. Some buyers may return devices for free when the deal does not take place. 

It is important to read the terms and conditions regarding payment and refund before sending your phone, so you know exactly what is expected of you and the buyer, before receiving payment. 

Reset The Phone

When you decide to send your phone to the buyer, it is essential to erase all data and do a factory reset. Every device, irrespective of the manufacturer, allows you to reset it in a few simple steps. 

Buyers often will not accept devices that have data or have not been factory reset. 

More importantly, your personal data is important, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You would not want your personal information to fall into the hands of strangers. 

Doing a factory reset will only give you a sense of relief and the feeling that nothing bad could happen with your data.

Before doing the factory reset, you must back up the data to a secure location. Also, make sure you transfer all the apps you bought (especially the ones you bought on sale) to the new phone.

Apple and Samsung have their own cloud platforms, where you can host the data. Once you get a new device, transfer your data back so you can use it again. 

Final words

Hope our article helped you. Selling old mobile phones online at the best rates is easy if you follow these tips. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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