10 Best Gaming Consoles That You Can Buy

If you are a hardcore gamer then you might have heard about all the gaming machines mentioned here. But for those who don’t have any idea about which one to choose between Xbox or PlayStation, or not sure if there is any other alternative to these two brands. Then you are at the right place. So without any delay, let’s check out the best gaming consoles including some handheld consoles too which you can order now.

Top 10 Gaming Consoles To Play At Home

1. Xbox One X

XBox One X - best gaming consoles

Price – $452.90

Starting this list with the best and most powerful gaming console available as of now. This piece of hardware was specifically designed for 4K gaming; i.e., supports 3840 x 2160 pixels for the best graphics output possible. But to be honest, graphics quality will vary according to the games that you are playing.

Coming to storage, 1 TB sounds good but won’t be enough because of the huge size of 4K games. So, it is better to invest in an external hard drive too. And talking about performance, Xbox One X runs quieter than all the other gaming machines. It runs with 12 GB GDDR5 RAM and 6.0 Teraflops GPU.

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2. Xbox One S

XBox One S

Price – $256

If you didn’t like the pricing of the X model and looking for a good gaming machine which you can also afford then this one is for you. But to be fair, Xbox One X is considered as the beast on its own, so, you can’t really expect the same specifications in both of these devices.

For starters, One S does support 4K but it is not that great as compared to One X. And it runs on 8 GB DDR3 RAM which is nowhere close to the product mentioned above. But apart from comparing to the successor model, you won’t find any issues with this one. Graphics and video quality are at the top level.

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3. Playstation 4 Slim

Playstation 4 Slim - top 10 gaming consoles

Price – $299

As the model name suggests, this machine is comparatively lighter and slimmer than the rest of the gaming consoles which makes this hardware more portable than ever before. And just like Xbox One X, it also works quietly.

Sony released this product along with the Dualshock 4 Controller which is one of the best out there in spite of having battery consumption issues. The only downside to this machine is the lack of UHD Blu Ray hard drive which might interest you more toward Xbox One X.

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4. PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro - best 4k gaming consoles

Price – $399.88

Pro is more advanced than the slim version and one of the best gaming consoles in this list. Although they both have the similar RAM configuration of 8 GB GDDR5, they differ in GPU performance as PRO is having 4.2 TFLOPs while Slim has 1.82 TFLOPs. And Pro also supports 4k which is not the case in Slim version. But as compared to Xbox One X, it doesn’t support Ultra HD 4K Blu Ray which is, of course, a setback from Sony. According to me, you should definitely invest more $100 for PS4 Pro, unless you are looking for a lighter gaming console i.e Playstation 4 Slim.

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5. Xbox 360 E

best gaming consoles to buy - XBox 360 E

Price – $129

If you want to buy Xbox console but do not have the budget for Xbox One series then you can buy Xbox 360 E. This E version was the upgrade for the 360 S model which introduced inbuilt Wi-Fi, more storage space and also resolved the heating issue. So overall, it is the best gaming console to buy in Xbox 360 series. And according to its price, the only drawback that it has is the lack of optional audio output.

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6. PlayStation 3

Playstation 3

Price – $ 199.94

Just like Xbox 360 E, this is also an affordable version of Sony’s PlayStation that you can buy.  It runs on 256 MB XDR main RAM and 256 MB GDDR3 VRAM. And it also supports Blue Ray DVD player so that you can enjoy entertainment at the fullest. You can also connect it to the Internet with the help of the inbuilt Wi-Fi.

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Best Hand Held Gaming Consoles To Play Anywhere

7. Nintendo switch

best handheld gaming consoles - Nintendo Switch

Price – $299

One of the most successful gaming consoles out there which is the perfect combination of handheld gaming as well as normal home console. The main highlight of this product is its design which includes 2 controllers which is more than enough for a handheld device. And still, it doesn’t lack anywhere in the performance and graphics. It also has some of the best games available in their library making it perfect for hardcore gamers.

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8. Nintendo 3Ds XL

best gaming console for kids - Nintendo 3DS XL

Price – $ 149.99

This is the perfect alternative to Nintendo Switch if it’s cost was an issue for you and the best gaming consoles for kids. XL was the upgrade for regular Nintendo 3DS which was discontinued. To be honest, 3DS XL is far better than their Wii U and 3DS versions. It supports a larger screen; hence the XL. It has a front facing camera with the help of which, the device is able to follow the user’s head and adjust the screen likewise.

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9. PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

Price – $439

What better way to enjoy a game than playing them in virtual reality. Sony launched this product as a PS4 accessory which became a huge success. This VR has a total of 9 trackable lights and looks elegant. It has been rumored that they will launch VR 2 along with PlayStation 5 making the whole package as one of the new and highly anticipated gaming console coming out.

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10. PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita

Price – $210

This was an upgrade to PSP and is worthy enough to be called the best handheld gaming console right now. It runs on two quad-core processors and also supports two analog sticks which are not available on any other handheld gaming device as of now. There are more than 1000 games available for Vita so gamers don’t have to worry about running out of options. And some of these games are from PS3 which now you can play anywhere in Vita.

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There’s no doubt that everyone is going to pick either Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro over all the other gaming devices mentioned here. But we have also mentioned some of the budget options as well as handheld devices in this best gaming consoles list to give you more variety. My recommendation would be PlayStation Vita because of its performance and of course its portability.


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