7 Best Cycling Apps For Android & iPhone

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There are apps that help you keep track of your different physical activities. Cycling apps are one of them. They will help in monitoring your cycling activities and improve its experience. We have selected these best cycling apps available on Android and iPhone which will be a tool to help, guide and allow you to do more while cycling.

1. Map My Ride

MapMyRide - Cycling apps


Map My ride will help to keep a track of your daily cycling routes. You can set your height and weight so it can help you measure your cycling habits according to it. With this app, you can see for how much distance and time you have taken a ride. It will also show you the speed of your travel and how much calories you have burned throughout the journey.

It can also be connected with smart shoes or trackers to track your activity. You can add photos to the trails on the map in this app. All your previous activities will be shown under  Activity feed. Connect with your friend’s who have this app or share your progress with others via social media.

Map My Ride for iOS | Map My Ride for Android

2. Strava


Just like the above app, you can manage your cycling routine and track its progress via GPS. You can record your routes in maps and make plans to improve your productivity. It allows setting the starting and ending point of your route on the Maps as per your desire.

You can share your tracks with friends and other users int the app or post photos of your trails. It will also show you the local groups created by users which you can join as per your choice. Apart from cycling, you can also track running, swimming and some different physical activities to stay healthy.

Strava for iOS | Strava for Android

3. Cyclometer

Cyclometer - Best cycling app iPhone

Cyclometer is a speedometer app which can be used to know the speed of your cycling. It will show you the current speed, average speed, total distance and duration taken while cycling. Apart from this, it can also track, record and analyze your route in maps like the above two apps.

Cyclometer for iOS

4. Urban Bike Computer

Urban Biker app

This is one of the best cycling apps that lets you measure the speed of your cycling commute. It is very similar to Bikeometer but with more details regarding you and your ride. You can have info about the speed, distance, duration, altitude and the number of calories burned in the dashboard of the app. It also allows setting routes and directions on the Google Maps for setting your cycling trails.

This app also allows saving the details of your ride, which you can compare later to see your progress. There is also a bell system, which can be useful to make people aware of your presence while cycling. You can use it by tapping on the speed meter on the main dashboard. It also allows using the flashlight from this app itself with different flickering effects.

Download Urban Biker

5. Bike Computer

Bike Computer - best Cycling Apps

Keep track of the distance, speed, time, and temperature with Bike Computer. It will show you all these details on the dashboard. You have to tap on the red button to start tracking your activities. It also shows the elevation and tracks heartbeat via fitness devices.

You can save your progress and check it later to see your improvements. It also has achievements which you can unlock by completing tasks for e.g Ride 5 km. This app also has an Activity feed where all your friends using this app will appear. You can share the progress you made or photos of your cycling journey here.

Bike Computer for iOS | Bike Computer for Android

6. Komoot

Best cycling Apps - Komoot

This is a social media app for people who love doing adventure sports which also includes cycling. You can follow other people and be updated to the treks, trails, and photos of their journey. Just like the other apps for cycling, it will also help in recording or tracking data as your cycling speed and distance covered.

You can set the route in Google Maps and plan your cycling route. It will show you the time in which you should complete that journey. This app will also navigate you through the routes with voice commands. You can tag photos mark favorite places on the map to make the journey more fun.

Komoot for iOS | Komoot for Android

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7. Runtastic Road Bike

Road Bike Computer

Just like all the other apps on the list of cycling apps, Runtastic Road Bike also allows you to monitor your cycling activities. You can keep track of the duration, distance, speed, and calories burned like every other app. In addition to that, you will also get a music player option which you can use without closing the app.

It allows browsing song from your devices inbuilt music player. The app will also let you add notes, type of riding and your response at the end of your journey. You can see all the statistics, history and activity regarding your rides or share it via social media apps with your friends.

Runtastic Road Bike for iOS | Runtastic Road Bike for Android

Best Cycling Apps To Keep Track Of Your Ride

You can use these apps to keep healthy by riding cycles. It allows setting goals, analyzing your calories burned and the routes you travel. All the apps serve their purpose and can be used as per your choice. Try out these apps if you are looking to make effective improvements towards your physical health or looking for a better way to enjoy cycling.

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