7 Best Crossword Apps For Android, iPhone And iPad

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Crosswords are a great way to add productivity to your spare time rather than fooling around aimlessly. They come in various types just like riddles apps. Gone are those old days when people used to anxiously wait for the Sunday newspaper edition in order to look forward to solving crosswords, because fortunately, now you can get best crossword apps handily on your phones and hone up your brain anywhere and anytime.

List of Best Crosswords Puzzle Apps

1. Fill-In Crosswords


This crossword is slightly different from the traditional crosswords. Actually, in these kinds of crosswords, words are given rather than a clue. You have to directly choose a word from the list available, rather than picking up letter after letter in order to complete a particular word. This way, these games are somewhat easier to solve than the conventional crossword conundrums.

Word Puzzles in this app have been categorized as Easy, Intermediate, Hard, and Expert according to their difficulty level, with each category containing 200 puzzles separately.What’s more, two more packages of puzzles apart from the usual Word Puzzles have been added to this app now. These two are not your regular Word puzzles but Number puzzles. Each of them is having two levels of difficulty as Easy and Hard. Both of them contain 50 puzzles each.

The puzzles are available in multiple languages other than English like German, French, Italian etc.

Link: Android/iOS

2. CodyCross – Themed Crossword Puzzles


We found the user interface of this app very charming. It is indeed, an intelligently-built app. As you open the app for the first time, the app will walk you through an informative tutorial on how to play the game. You need an internet connection for using this app. The visuals of this app are very pleasing which will surely enrich your experience while playing.

There are a number of packs available with various topics for the puzzle like Great Inventions, Classic Literature, Fashion Items, Ancient Greece, Famous Rulers, Philosophy, Outdoor Activities and many more. You can select any of these and your puzzle shall be based on that topic only. Simply, we can say that it is like an entire ocean in a pot.

Either you can play countless puzzles in Adventure mode for free, or go for the subscription of special packs. Moreover, you can even sync your progress in all devices by connecting to Facebook. This is really a good feature of this app.

Link: Android/iOS

3. One Clue Crossword


This is another crossword puzzle which will always keep you glued to your phones. The specialty of this game is that it gives you a picture on the basis of which, you have to solve the crossword puzzle. The words will be somehow related to the picture provided- either directly or indirectly.

For example, if the game shows you a picture of a pizza, then the crossword puzzle can give many words to fill like pizza, olive, dough, topping etc., which are all connected with a pizza in one way or another. In this way, this game really challenges you to think multi-dimensionally rather than the usual straightforward thinking.

If you get stuck at any word which you can’t figure out, then you can readily use coins, only up to a certain extent. After that, you will have to purchase coins. Honestly speaking, we really like the app with over 500 puzzles to solve, and think that you should give it a try at least once.

Link: Android/iOS

4. Daily Celebrity Crossword

daily celebrity crossword

This is one of the best crossword apps on this list. This app requires an internet connection to function. We were pretty amazed at the design of this app. The name of this game is quite a misnomer, since no way is this game related to any celebrity, as much as we could see.

This app offers a new puzzle every day according to the themes for each day. Moreover, on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day etc. you can play altogether different puzzles based on these special days.

The makers of this app claim that the puzzles in this game are created by world’s most famed and published writers. These are the same people who frame crossword puzzles for renowned and acclaimed magazines and newspapers. The game is very informative and will goad you to think beyond your limits. You can always spend coins if you want to get a hint. For getting further coins you will have to spend bucks. You can have this app if you don’t want to play a game which is too much intuitive and obvious, but something which challenges you mildly if not greatly.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Link: Android/iOS

5. Crossword Puzzle Free (by Redstone Games)


This is definitely for the ones who seriously love challenges. You can exercise your brain in a never-like-before way with this game. The good thing about this app is that no subscription is required. It has got all easy, medium, and hard puzzles.

It is a nicely arranged app with many topics of puzzles like Writers, Social Media, Films etc. We really think that this game is way too above par from the viewpoint of an average user. It is surely a boon for those whose lives literally revolve around crossword puzzles!

Though the makers claim that the puzzles are neither easy nor too difficult. But we choose to disagree because this game will indeed challenge you to push your boundaries, and how. It is in no way meant for the faint-hearted. You can install this app either if you are proficient enough for this game, or if you love learning new things.

Link: Android

6. Crossword Puzzle Free (by ITSG)


This is an innovatively designed game for those who are on a constant lookout to enhance their vocabulary. This game will take the test of your vocabulary prowess. For playing this game you will have to first install the latest version of the Google Play Games app. After that, you may proceed to unlock the adventure.

It contains three kinds of Puzzles namely Daily Puzzles, Standard Puzzles, and Bonus Puzzles. While playing the game you can reveal a letter, reveal the word, or even reveal the complete solution of the whole puzzle at once. Vocabulary wise, this game will take you to new heights as it has too much to offer in order to enhance your vocabulary.

We can surely say that you can choose this app if you want to expand your vocabulary to an altogether different range. However, we found the word-guessing of this game to be utterly arduous.

Link: Android

7. World’s Biggest Crossword


With this game, you will win coins every time you figure out a word. And it is these coins which will help you to get the hints if you find any difficulty while finding out any word. In fact, it is a wonderful way to boost your word power. Also, we found it to be somewhat practical (if not easier) than the Crossword Puzzle Free by ITSG.

The words which it asks for are quite relevant and are actually the words of daily usage, leaving out a few exceptions, of course. Interestingly, this game even offers you the opportunity to land the title of Crossword Superstar! For that, you will have to go through a rigorous process of solving all the clues, completing all the puzzles, and more such tasks.

We found the game to be quite ingenious in the way that it is just perfect and indeed has been conceived and designed in a well-researched manner. Hatts off! to the makers of this stunning app.

Link: Android/iOS

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By now, we are fully assured that you can definitely choose the best app which meets your needs and requirements in the fittest way possible. It all depends entirely on what kind of crossword puzzle you want to solve, the difficulty level of any particular app, and many more such factors.

So, enjoy these super-duper crossword puzzles, go an extra mile with teasing your cerebral capacity, and hence, be an achiever.

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Hemant Mendiratta is a co-founder of TechUntold and a passionate tech blogger, avid gamer, and social media guru who keenly monitors useful apps and gadgets. He is the ideator of our Instagram tool StoryHoot which allows watching Instagram stories anonymously. You can connect with him on: Facebook, Twitter.

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