7 Best Pacman Apps For iPhone And Android

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PAC-MAN is one of those games that you can never get enough of. It is a simple app and is far from those sci-fi games which have oh-so-amazing plots. Yet we find it addictive. And why not, after all this game is one of the first video games that we played. Pacman is actually an artwork and the simple goals push you to play one more level every single time. Thanks to the evolution of app world, you can now play Pacman in its various forms. Here is a list of the best Pacman apps for your iPhone and Android smartphone.

Pacman Apps for Android and iOS


PAC-MAN app for Android and iOS

The classic Pacman tops the list when we talk about free Pacman game apps. You would find your old yellow ball unchanged from the 1980’s. But what makes the game interesting is the extra modes that you unlock with extra lives. There is a multiplayer mode in the game as well. Also, you have a controller option.

When you get stuck on a level, the classic Pacman would give you tips to get through it. You have bonus rounds, updated mazes and new tournaments, thanks to the latest 35th-anniversary update of Pacman.

Platforms: iOS | Android

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2. PAC-MAN Championship Edition

Pacman apps - PAC-MAN Championship Edition

Pacman Championship Edition has all the features of the classic Pacman plus some more of its own. So, if you feel you are already a master of the classic edition, download the Championship edition and you would love the challenges. The game tests your survival skills and you would have to compete against continuously repopulating mazes.

The Pacman would also get faster with time and the fear of crashing into a wall goes up. There is a timer in the game too and all the thrill would be worth it.

Platforms: iOS | Android

3. PAC-MAN 256

PAC-MAN 256 - pacman app

Pacman 256 is an amazing game that would take all the Pacman lovers to an all new adventure. As the name goes, when you would string a combo of 256, the app would reward you with a sweet surprise. It has a sci-fi touch to its graphics and the power-ups are actually interesting. There is a name for each power up. Remember, the more you play, the more power-ups you collect.

You would need to fear the glitch though and keep playing to get away from him further. The retro ghosts in the app are forming newer gangs and you have to fight them to keep going.

Platforms: iOS and Android

4. PAC-MAN Pop

PAC-MAN Pop app

The bubble bursting is an added fun no matter what game you are playing. And when it is added to Pac Man, the experience is outstanding. Thanks to the Pacman Pop, you can enjoy it now. The game is very simple. The Pacman is cute and shoots so as to burst the bubbles. As you progress through the levels, you would notice that the difficulty levels are rising interestingly. And that would make you give one more shot to the next level.

Platforms: iOS and Android

5. PAC-MAN Bounce

Pacman Android app - PAC-MAN Bounce

Pacman Bounce is essentially a combination of Pacman and Bounce. The gameplay is interesting. Old Pacman is bouncing to get through the levels and is receiving power-ups while doing so. You can place signs and arrows to show the way to the Pacman so that he can complete his adventure.

Further, when the Pacman hits the wall in Pacman Bounce, it will bounce back. You would need to make your Pacman eat all the stars to get to the next level.

Platforms: iOS and Android

6. Ms. PAC-MAN


 Now you can play Pacman with the queen of the Arcade. Yes, that is right! The legendary concept of the Pacman was so amazing that Namco developed a game with Ms. Pacman. Though it is a paid app on the Play Store as well as App Store, you can check it out with the demo version. Female players are going to love this version of Pacman for sure.

Platforms: iOS and Android

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7. Forget-me-not

Forget-me-not pacman iPhone app

Once cannot ignore Forget-me-not Pacman app when it comes to the top Pacman apps available for smartphones these days. Though it is a paid app, it is totally worth it. The pellets are in the form of flowers and the concept is same. You would need to collect them as they appear. An interesting thing about Forget-me-not is that when a player is unable to cross a level for a long time, a ghost would appear on the screen and try to banish the player. There are 3 game modes – Standard mode, Survival mode and Shuffle mode. The more risk you take, the higher you score!

Platform: iOS

Though there are a lot of complicated games available in the app market, Pacman apps are so intuitive that you cannot resist them. The cheerful graphics and upbeat music would serve as a stress buster in the middle of the day. So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite Pacman app and play one more round now!

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