Proof Of Concept Vs Prototype: What Is Best For You?

You must have come across the term Proof of Concept(POC) and Prototype used in terms of a product or project lifecycle. Both of these terms are the process in a product lifecycle that has different functions and roles. These two processes play an important part in making of a final working model from an idea … Read more

How To Count Number Of Days Between Dates In Excel

Counting number of days between two different dates by yourself can be a handful sometimes. You can manage to count the days if both the dates fall on the same month. It gets trickier when the second date falls on another month or year. Nowadays there are many tools on the internet that will do … Read more

Top 18 Of The Useful Instagram Tips and Tricks You Must Know About!

It feels good to be popular on Instagram. But with new updates and features, it is becoming a difficult job to manage an Instagram account and keep up with the changes. There are already over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users so you definitely need some useful tips and tricks to fully utilize your Instagram. Not … Read more

Quick Ways To Turn Your Phone Into A Lie Detector

It gets really frustrating sometimes when you catch someone lying but cannot confront them or have no proof of them lying to your face whatsoever. Now you cannot just buy a lie detector equipment off the market or conduct a polygraph test just to prove that. In those kinds of scenarios, you can use your smartphone … Read more

Top 10 Of The Best Discord Bots To Add To Your Server Now

What Discord really is? It is the best and most popular voice and text chat platform for online gamers, available for both PC and smartphones. Discord is also cross-platform, which helps you stay involved with your teammates and check whether they are playing or not, from your smartphone. It is automated and comes with a … Read more

7 Of The Best BlueStacks Alternatives For Better Experience

By now you are probably aware of BlueStacks and the concept of Android emulators. If not, you are going to thank me for this. BlueStacks was the first free Android emulator that allowed users to run Android apps on their PCs. It is one of the most popular Android emulators for both Mac and Windows users. Ideally, it … Read more

6 Alternatives To Klout For Finding Social Media Influence

For those who are not familiar with Klout, it was a website that measured your influence on social media by analyzing your data on social networks. The way this tool worked was by enabling users to link their social media accounts. Measure their online influence on social media and then rated them between a score of 1 and … Read more

WhatsApp Pros And Cons You Should Know To Decide If This Chat App Is For You

WhatsApp pros and cons

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app and has been for a while now. While WhatsApp is loaded with amazing features, there are some cool features other messaging apps have that are missing on WhatsApp. If you are in search of a new chat app then the WhatsApp pros and cons mentioned here will … Read more

Best Cloud Services for your privacy

Best Cloud Services for Privacy

Here in this article we talk about Cloud Services conisdering the privacy and security of your data. 4 Best Cloud Services for your privacy mentioned and why you need them. Today, people are adopting cloud services that are offered to them at a tremendous speed. Dozens of services provide free space to you just for … Read more