How to Shuffle songs in Music App on iOS 10

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Are you not able to find the Shuffle button in Music app after updating to iOS 10? Me too didn’t find it for a long time and tried a lot to get it by searching for all sorts of settings. At last, it turned out to be hidden in Music app itself, Relief! In this blog post, I will share how to get the hidden Shuffle option for songs in Playlists as well as the whole library. This is a subtle change similar to changing vibration mode in iOS 10.

Shuffle songs in Music App on iOS 10

Being a musicophile, the Music app is the most used app on my iPhone. And I always prefer to keep the songs on shuffle. I can’t imagine the Music app without having the ability to shuffle songs. It is such a basic feature which is included in almost every music device now.  If you have given up after trying  a lot to find the Shuffle feature and drawn the conclusion that it is removed from the app. Then my friend you’re totally wrong as I will show you and help you out to get the Shuffle option in Music app on iOS 10.

Shuffle Songs in Music App on iOS 10

I cannot understand the reasoning behind the placement of Shuffle option after I found it. But whatever may be the case I was happy to get it and Shuffle my playlist again. Here’s how you can find Shuffle in new Music app on your iPhone.

1. Open Music app.

2. Next, open the desired playlist.

3. Now, play any song in the playlist. Tap on the bar which is at the bottom showing the current song being played. This will bring up the full music player as shown below.

shuffle songs in music app on iOS 10

4. This is the key step to this whole tutorial. In previous iOS versions, Shuffle option was visible directly on this screen( Music player) itself. However, to get it on iOS 10 Swipe up on the music player screen.

5. Up next section will list the songs to be played next. Adjacent to that, you can find the Shuffle icon as shown in the image below. You may enable/disable shuffling of songs by tapping on it.

shuffle music in iphone ios 10
Shuffle icon visible on swiping up in Music player

To shuffle songs for the whole library i.e. all songs then select Songs under Library and Shuffle All option is present at the top above the first song in your library as shown in the screenshot below.

Shuffle Songs iOS 10 Music app

We hope that you were able to find the Shuffle option in the new Music app. Share this tutorial with your friends to help them out as well. Comment below for any queries. What are your thoughts on new placement of Shuffle option in iPhone Music app?

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