How To Mute, Block Contact Or Calls In iPhone

How to Block Contacts Calls on iPhone

You might get so many text messages and calls that sometimes you hate it when your phone goes off with the calls or notifications. Though it is what a mobile phone is made for, certain calls or messages can really annoy a person if it is out of bounds. If you are irritated or disturbed … Read more

How To Track WhatsApp Chats On Another Phone: A Full Guide

How to Track WhatsApp messages and calls

Track WhatsApp chats on another phone by using Whatsapp web /desktop to access the target WhatsApp account or restore the target WhatsApp chats on your phone. You can also use a free/paid spy app, like mSpy or uMobix, to track WhatsApp messages on another phone. Are you concerned about your child’s safety on WhatsApp? Do … Read more

How To Lock An App On iPhone: 4 Different Ways

Have you ever thought about how to lock apps on iPhone? Unlike Androids, you can’t download a third party app and use it to lock iPhone apps. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t lock the apps on your iPhone, you just have to get creative with it.  I’ve crafted a helpful guide showing you … Read more