3 Easy Methods to Log Out From WhatsApp Web

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WhatsApp Web is a convenient way to use our favorite instant messaging app on a computer. The statement is also valid for WhatsApp application for Windows PC and Mac. WhatsApp Web helps in being productive as there is no need to use our phone to look and reply to important messages while working. They can be directly be taken care of from your PC using WhatsApp Web or its application for the computer. But what if you wish to log out from WhatsApp web? Here are the 3 easy ways to sign out of active WhatsApp session on the Web or PC/Mac.

Log out from WhatsApp Web/Desktop

Log Out From WhatsApp Web

Did you use WhatsApp Web on a system which is shared by multiple users or giving your PC to help someone where you have logged into your WhatsApp? If your situation is similar then you should definitely log out of your WhatsApp account on the web as it can be used to track WhatsApp messages.

So, let us dive in.

Method 1: Sign Out of WhatsApp Web

You can use this method if you currently have access to that particular computer.

1. On the WhatsApp Web screen, click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner on the left sidebar. Just above where the conversations are listed.

2. Click on Log out from the menu.

Sign out of WhatsApp Web

This will end your WhatsApp Web session on that browser. On opening WhatsApp Web now on that browser it will ask to scan QR code again.

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Method 2: Log out of WhatsApp Web Remotely from Android and iOS app

If you have already given your PC or don’t have physical access to PC where you are signed into your WhatsApp web account then this method will come to your rescue.

I am using steps and screenshot from WhatsApp iOS app but the procedure remains fundamentally the same for Android as well.

1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and select Settings tab.

2. Under Settings, select WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

3. Here you will see all the computers/browsers you are logged in to your WhatsApp account on the web. Either select Log out from all computers or tap on the particular ones you want to sign out from. Finally, select Log out to confirm your decision.

Log out from WhatsApp Web remotely iPhone and Android

With this, the WhatsApp session will end remotely on that computer.

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Method 3: Clear Browser History to Sign out from WhatsApp Web

Simply, clear browser history and this will log you out from WhatsApp Web.

If you are reluctant to delete all the browsing history then use the following tutorials to remove only WhatsApp Web from the history of the Web browser.

Delete Browsing History on Android

Get Strikethrough Text In Gmail

So, these are the options you have to log out of WhatsApp Web. You may choose any one according to your preferences.

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