How To Listen To SoundCloud Offline

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To listen to SoundCloud songs offline you would require to have a SoundCloud Go subscription. However, SoundCloud Go is not available worldwide and is restricted to a few countries. If you don’t belong to these countries then you can’t download songs on SoundCloud to listen to them offline. Well, officially you cannot but we have a few workarounds that will let you use SoundCloud offline without SoundCloud Go on your computer, Android and iPhone devices.

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Download SoundCloud Songs Officially Using SoundCloud Go

If the SoundCloud Go feature is available in your country and you have a subscription for it, then you can easily listen to SoundCloud offline. However, since we do not have access to SoundCloud Go in our country, we can not show you how to do that. But you don’t need to worry as there is a detailed article on how to use SoundCloud Go for offline listening.

After reading the article linked above, you can easily download and listen to all your favorite songs on SoundCloud offline. However, if you are like us and don’t have access to SoundCloud Go, then you can follow this tutorial.

Listen To SoundCloud Offline Without SoundCloud Go

Here we will share the unofficial methods to download songs from SoundCloud on your desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

Download SoundCloud Songs Using Windows PC/Mac

1. Open SoundCloud on any browser on your computer. Now, search for your favorite song that you want to listen offline from the search bar at the top.

search for a song

2. Once you find the song click on it. The song will open in a new tab. Now copy the song URL from the address bar at the top.

copy the URL

3. Now on another tab, visit and paste the URL in the search box and then click on Convert It.

listen to SoundCloud offline

4. On the next page, you will see the song is converted to MP3 and is ready to be downloaded. Click on the download icon to save the song on your desktop/Mac.

download SoundCloud song

With this, the song will be downloaded on your computer and you can listen to it whenever you want without WiFi. Similarly, you can also copy the playlist URL and use it on this site to download all the songs in your SoundCloud playlist.

Download SoundCloud Tracks On Android

1. First of all, you would require to download the Vidmate app and install it on your phone.

2. Next, open SoundCloud in your phone’s browser (preferably Chrome). Now search for any song at the search bar at the top.

search for song mobile

3. Once you find the song, play it on your browser. While the song is playing, copy its URL from the address bar at the top.

Important: It is better if you copy the songs URL from the SoundCloud site and not the Android app. When you copy the song URL from SoundCloud app it also copies the description of the song which can cause issues while discovering the song on Vidmate. If you still want to copy the song link from the app then make sure to remove the song description from the starting of the URL.

copy the url of the song

4. After that, open the Vidmate app and paste the copied URL in the search bar and tap on Go.

paste the code in the vidmate app

5. Next, click on the download icon at the bottom right corner. Wait for a few seconds while it analyzes the song and then, tap on the Download button.

listen to SoundCloud offline without SoundCloud Go

With this, the song will be downloaded and you can view it in the Download section of the Vidmate app.

Listen To SoundCloud Offline On iPhone

Since it is an iPhone it would require a little extra effort to download a song on it.

1. First of all, go to the App Store on your iPhone and install Documents by Readdle on it.

2. Next, open the SoundCloud app on your phone and search for your favorite song. Once you find the song, tap on the three dots icon on the right side of the song.

song select ios

3. Then select Share > Copy. Doing so will copy the URL of the song to the clipboard.

Share url

4. Now open the Documents app and select the browser icon from the bottom right corner. The app’s built-in browser will open. Here you need to visit It is the same site we used in the method for PC or Mac.

Documents browser

5. Next, paste the copied URL in the search box and then tap on Convert it. On the next page click on the Download icon to download the song.

use SoundCloud offline on iOS

6. On the next screen, you can change the name and destination of the downloading file or you can keep it the way it is and then tap on Done at the top right corner.


With this, the song will be downloaded and saved in the internal storage of your phone. You can access the song offline in the Documents app Downloads folder.

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Now you can easily save the songs from SoundCloud and listen to them offline whether you have access to SoundCloud Go or not. However, you should use the saved songs for your personal use only and not for any commercial use as that would be an infringement of the copyright policy.

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