How To Delete Twitch Account

Like with most social media and gaming platforms, deleting a account only takes a minute or two. Just clicking on Delete/disable can get the work done. However, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before you delete your Twitch account. You have to do so to make sure that your information, like … Read more

How To Create A Segment On Strava

Segments on Strava allow you to create a specific path on the route used by you for outdoor activities, like running or cycling. It helps you to mark the most fun or challenging part of your activity. A segment can be the toughest incline or a part of your route where you reach your top … Read more

How To Create A Route On Strava

Running and cycling are some of the best outdoor activities, especially due to the health benefits associated with them. However, if you stick to the same route for a long period of time then these fun activities could turn into mundane tasks. This overall could distract you from your fitness routine. To avoid such circumstances, … Read more

How To Reset Twitch Password

Forgetting password is a common thing for someone who manages too many social media accounts. And to be honest, who doesn’t? Today, almost everyone has a strong presence on not one, but on a number of social media platforms. And one such platform is Twitch, which is basically a paradise for every game enthusiast. If … Read more

How To Listen To SoundCloud Offline

To listen to SoundCloud songs offline you would require to have a SoundCloud Go subscription. However, SoundCloud Go is not available worldwide and is restricted to a few countries. If you don’t belong to these countries then you can’t download songs on SoundCloud to listen to them offline. Well, officially you cannot but we have … Read more

How To Delete SoundCloud Account

SoundCloud is one of the world’s most popular audio sharing and streaming platform. It is available on the web and as an app for mobile phones, so that you always stay connected to your music. However, if you are looking to try other platforms like SoundCloud and want to delete your SoundCloud account then you … Read more