How To Use Wish App

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A new study found that the number of online shoppers in 2021 is going to be over 2.14 billion up from 1.66 billion in 2016. This shows the craze of online shopping among people worldwide. One prefers online shopping over offline shopping because of its convenience, lower price, and exclusive products it has to offer. One such online e-commerce platform is, that allows sellers to list products on it and sell directly to the consumers. is also available on Android and iOS platforms in the form of an app. So, that one can use the app to do online shopping on their mobile phones as well. However, if you are a newbie to online shopping and don’t know how to use the Wish app, then this article is for you which will teach you to do the same.

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How To Use Wish App: Things To Know

Wish app provides you the cheapest deals, as it ships products directly from China. In some cases, the shipment may arrive from the US itself for quick delivery. The app is available for both Android and iOS, but we are using the Android app for demonstration purposes. And the steps to use the Wish App are as follows:

Buy Products On Wish App

1. First of all, download the app on your smartphone. Here are the download links – Wish for Android | Wish for iOS. Open the app after it’s successfully installed.

Open wish app after installing

2. Now, if you already have a Wish account, click on sign in. Or else create a new account using Google or Facebook.sign in or sign up to wish app

3. As soon as you log in to your Wish account, you will see the interface of the App. Here you will see the Search bar along with the menu, Cart, and filter options at the top. The cart and menu options are at the bottom in the case of to use Wish app - interface

4. Now to buy products on Wish app you can search them category wise, like Gadgets, Fashion, Hobbies, Home Decor, etc. Or you can simply search for a particular product in the Search for product on wish app

5. Once you find the product of your choice, tap on it to select it. open the selected product

6. Now before making up your mind to buy any product, do read all the customer reviews and ratings. We recommend going with the product with a higher number of positive reviews and the reviews before buying any product on wish app

7. Also, you can read about the product Description, Buyer Guarantee, and Shipping information to be sure about the product. Once you are are sure enough to buy the product click on BUY at the bottom right now button on wish app

8. Now, the product will move into your Cart, from here you can check out to buy the product.cart for product checkout

Following these steps, you can easily shop with the Wish app.

Wish Tips & Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks that we would like to share to make your shopping more convenient on the wish app.

1. Play Spin Wheel For Extra Discount

You can avail some extra discount on your purchase every day in a fun way. For that, use the following steps

1. Click on the Wheel icon at the top. Wish Tips and tricks

2. Now spin the wheel by tapping on SPIN. spin the wheel

3. Once the wheel stops, click on Play Now to avail the special discounted offers.Play Now to get discount

4. As soon as you click on PLAY NOW, a timer will start at the top. Now you can buy products at a discount during this time time period on wish app

Note: You get this offer only once a day.

2. Apply Filter To Find The Best Product

You can use this amazing feature to filter products according to your needs. The steps to which are as follows:

1. Click on the Filter icon at the top right corner of the screen. Now you will see two options Color and Rating. You can choose the color option to select the product’s color or tap on Rating to filter out products with bad ratings.Filter and ratings option to filter bad products on wish app

2. For that, tap on Rating > 4 Stars & up, and tap on Apply at the bottom to apply the filter. apply 4 star rating

As soon as you tap on apply, you will see the results of products with 4 and above 4-star ratings.

3. Create Wishlist

Did you like something on the Wish app? Don’t have money to buy it right now? No, worries you can put that product into your Wishlist, until next time you have money to buy it.

1. Select the product you like. Now tap on the Like Icon below the product to wishlist the product.Wishlist the product on Wish app

2. Next, create a new wishlist, and give a name to the wishlist. After that, tap on Create New Wishlist.creat new wishlist

3. The product is in your wishlist now. You can find or buy it anytime by visiting your profile.find your Wishlist on Wish app These were some tips and tricks from our side, that you can use every time while shopping online with the Wish app.


We are sure that after reading this article you have a good idea of how to use Wish app and can crack some great deals on it even if you are a total beginner. However, we recommend you to be aware of scams and not go for deals which look too good to be true. Also, never go for products that have a lot of negative reviews. In the end, we would like to “Wish” you happy shopping.

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