GameSir G6 Controller Review: Mobile Gaming Made Better

This article is sponsored by GameSir. We received a review unit of G6 controller from GameSir so that we could try it out and share our honest review. Even though sponsored, the complete content and opinions are sole views of the author based on their experience with the device.

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With the rise of Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite, the mobile gaming industry has changed forever.

Earlier people used to play games like Temple Run and Angry Birds on their smartphones, which required no external accessories as such.

But that’s not the case with games like PUBG, where multiple opponents are playing along with you to be the last man standing. To outlive your opponents, it is important to have a good smartphone with high-end specs along with some good gaming accessories.

One on such gaming accessories is the GameSir G6 controller.

You will find a detailed review of it in this article. I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty on this controller while testing it out for you guys. And I must say it really did impress me, exactly like this GameSir F4 Falcon controller I reviewed the other day.

So, without wasting any time lets jump right into the review.

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GameSir G6 Review

 Box Contents

GameSir G6 controller comes in a dual packaging, to keep your controller safe in transit. The following are the box contents.

  • GameSir G6 Controller
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User ManualGameSir G6 Box contents


G6 gamepad comes in a compact yet stylish design. The body of the controller is made up of Antiskid Silicone material which ensures you get a solid hold on your controller. Also, you get two rubber pads on the bottom side of the controller for a better grip. I personally liked the rubber grip, it really helps to handle your controller during intense gaming action.G6 Gamepad bottom

The G6 controller is specifically designed for FPS (First Person Shooter) and online multiplayer games that require a combination of the gamepad and touchscreen controls for better gameplay. Hence, it is creatively designed in a way that you get touchscreen controls on your right hand and gamepad controls on your left-hand side.

Consequently, you get ABXY, Z and C buttons on the front left side of the controller along with one 3D joystick. G6 controller buttonsAlso, you get two trigger buttons L1 and L2 at the top-left corner and a Power button along with a USB port at the bottom left corner.G6 Usb Port

There are 2 LEDs on the left side as well, for power and mode indication respectively. There’s nothing much on the right side of the controller other than one trigger button R1 on the top right corner. G6 game controller design

The placing of the buttons could not have been any better for a game controller. It has a slider panel that slides horizontally towards the right to fit your smartphone(not longer than 6.57 inches) in it. Also, the controller is smartly designed in a way that you can use the charging port and 3.5 mm jack together on your mobile while playing games on the controller. But, I found it a little difficult to handle the controller while charging or using earphones during long gameplay.

However, the design overall looks sturdy and stylish and gets a big thumbs up from our side. One must give credit to the design team at GameSir for coming up with such an amazing design.GameSir G6 Design


I played games like Fortnite, Mobile Legends, NOVA Legacy, and Free Fire on iPhone 6s to test the performance of this controller. And I must acknowledge that the performance that came out of the controller is pretty satisfying. It uses Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest version of Bluetooth, to provide you a seamless and fast wireless connection. The fast wireless connection boost up the performance of this controller by many folds.GameSir G6 controller review - Slider panel

The buttons on this controller are extremely responsive, especially the trigger buttons and the Joystick. The responsiveness of the buttons is such, that while playing games I didn’t notice a lag for even fraction of a second. However, the ABXY, C and Z buttons are a little hard to press but they do their work perfectly. So, all and all the performance of GameSir G6 is worthy of all the praise.


G6 comes with loads of features and G-Touch technology is one of them. The G-Touch technology allows you to play all the native iOS FPS and online multiplayer games on the App Store, without getting your account banned. According to the End User License Agreement(EULA) which we accept while installing games, you can not use any third party software or external components to enhance the gameplay or to get any kind of advantage over other players. But with the G-Touch technology, you can easily play your favorite games with the G6 controller without any worries of getting your account ban.

The other feature that needs to be mentioned is the Swift fast charging feature that enables the controller to give 1 hour of gaming time with just 2 to 3 minutes of charging. Also, it has an Automatic power off function which turns off the controller after 5 minutes of inactivity to save the battery. These features ensure you get a long battery life on a single charge.

One more important feature of this controller is  Blaze Mapping. With this feature, you can easily configure your controller according to your comfort using the official GameSir app called G-Crux. For most of the popular games like PUBG, Free Fire, Fortnite, etc. the controller configurations come pre-installed with the app. You just need to download the configurations to use them. Also, you can manually configure the keys or just add the screenshot of the game controls. This can be done from the game settings to automatically configure the controller for any game. G-Crux app is also handy for joystick correction in case it doesn’t work properly. Also, you can run the key test with it for assuring whether keys are working properly or not.


G6 gamepad has been a clear winner in all the segments that we discussed earlier in this article. But connectivity is a little concern with it. However, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 for a strong and reliable wireless connection. But the problem is that it’s only restricted to the iPhone. This GameSir controller supports iPhone with iOS versions 9.0 and above, but sadly it does not support Android devices.

The review unit which we received, says that it supports Android 7.0 or above on the box. But when we tested the controller with an Android device, we were not able to play games on it. However, the controller does get connected to Android over Bluetooth. But since the G-Crux app is not available on the Play Store, it is not possible to configure the controller and play games on Android. Nonetheless, it still has good connectivity with the iPhone, courtesy Bluetooth 5.0.


The battery life on this controller is of about 70-80 hours as claimed by the company.  The time taken to fully charge this controller is 2-3 hours.

The long battery life is due to the NORDIC 52832 chipset or simply the Bluetooth chip in layman’s term. This chip consumes ultra-low power at the rate of 3mAh, due to an on-chip adaptive power management system.

The battery which comes built-in with this controller has the power capacity of 240mAh. So if we go by the calculations 240mAh divided by 3mAh, it should give us 80 hours of nonstop gaming action. Frankly speaking, I am testing this device without charging for the past 3 days now. But I haven’t seen any sign of low battery yet.

So if battery life is your concern then there is no concern.


GameSir G6 controller is a great product under the gaming accessories segment.

With features like Swift fast charging and Blaze Mapping, it could easily become your favorite gadget if you are a gaming enthusiast. I had great fun with this controller while testing it out. The only thing that let me down being an Android user is that it does not support Android. You can get it for $35.99 from GameSir official site. If you like GameSir G6 then you can also back it on Indiegogo.

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GameSir G6 Gamepad






Ease Of Use








Value for Money



  • Long battery life
  • Good build quality
  • Compact enough to fit in the Pockets
  • Good performance
  • Configure custom controls
  • Quick Charging
  • Fast and lag-free connectivity


  • Does not support Android
  • Little uncomfortable while charging and playing together
  • No R2 trigger button


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