How To Test Micro SD Card Speed On Android

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Have you ever wondered what is the speed of your SD card? And how does it perform as compared to other cards in the market? Well, we have come up with two apps which are more than enough to solve all your queries. One of these apps is for benchmarking your phone’s SD card to compare the results online and the second one is for testing the Write and Read speed, also with Class of the SD card. So, let’s proceed with the tutorial and check how to test micro SD card speed on Android.

Easily Test Your SD Card Speed With These Apps

1. A1 SD Bench

Using this tool, you can benchmark your external, internal SD card, RAM, USB, and many more storage options. Let’s find out how.

1. Download this app from the Play Store. After that, open it and tap on the SD card which you want to test and compare online. This will start Benchmarking.

A1 SD bench - How to Test Micro SD Card Speed On Android

2. Once it is completed, open the Results tab and scroll down to compare the results online. You can also check the comparison for other types than SD Card from the drop-down menu.

A1 Sd bench results

Apart from these steps, you can also add the brand as well as the class of your SD card in the settings.

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2. SD Card Test

This is free SD card tester Android app. You can also use its pro version to check if the SD card is fake or damaged.

1. You can get this app from the Play Store. After launching the app, select the removable SD Card checkbox and also select All in the category just beside Read and Write. Once everything is set, tap on Start to begin the speed test.

How to test Micro Sd Card speed on Android

Note- This app may take a longer time as compared to the above, so sit back and relax.

2. Once the test is finished, head over to the results tab to check the Read and Write speed of your micro SD Card.

Results - SD Card Test

3. Additionally, you can also check the Class of your SD card from the same results screen. Just tap on that result showing Write as Test type. This will open a popup message which will display some additional information where Class will be displayed.

How to check SD Card class - Sd Card Test

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These were simple methods for testing micro SD Card speed as well as SD Card benchmarking. Both of these apps are free to use and the steps are really simple. You just have to wait for the loading time they both take to scan your SD card or any other preferred storage. And apart from both these apps, you can also use SD Insight app to check whether your SD card is fake or not. Unfortunately, this app is not compatible with my device, therefore, couldn’t show you the complete steps for the same. Now check the speed of your SD card in just a few taps.

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