Comfi App Review: Make International Calls At Cheaper Rates

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Local calls are cheap and can be connected easily. But when it comes to International calling, things are completely different. Call Rates are too high and buying and renewing tariff card is not a permanent solution. This is where Comfi app comes into the picture. Comfi lets you connect with your friends, family, and peers through international calling. And your app balance gets filled automatically. Let’s get deep into it.

Why Comfi App?

Comfi mobile app is basically a service provided to make International calls at cheap rates. There are a ton of features provided to make the whole process easy and hassle-free. Just by activating your number, you can start using all the features provided by this app.

You must be thinking why is it different from other applications like Skype. Here’s why.

The advantage of Comfi is that it is initially focused on making cheap international calls, free calls “inside the network” is its secondary function, whereas international calls in Skype is also a paid function with higher rates than Comfi.

Key Features

  • Comfi automatically recognizes international contacts in your contact list making the whole process hassle-free.
  • You can call other Comfi users for free.
  • It supports W-Fi, 3G and 4G and can switch between them during the call.
  • Place calls without internet connectivity from following countries – US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, France, and Australia – using “Phone line” call option.
  • Call quality is excellent.
  • No need to sign up to use all of Comfi’s features.
  • You can monitor billing for each and every call in the call history.
  • $1 trial bonus is available for following countries – USA, Canada, UK, France, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Japan.

Usage & Interface

In order to use Comfi mobile app features, the user needs to register through activating their mobile number with the app. After successfully registering with Comfi, you have to grant permissions to the app for analyzing your contacts info.

Comfi Mobile number Registration

The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. There are no ads and images whatsoever to distract your attention. Tabs are well laid out and you will face no problems while navigating through them. Calling existing contacts and adding new contacts is pretty easy. You can refill your app balance and even see the calling rates in settings. These are the following tabs you can browse through:

Recent – Users can view their previous calls or history in the Recent tab.

Contacts – Here you can find your International contacts, Comfi contacts(People who also uses Comfi for calling) and all other contacts.

Comfi Contacts

Dialer – A regular keypad to dial numbers if contacts information is not saved in your smartphones.

Comfi Dialer

Account Settings – Here you can find all the info and settings related to your account like Add credit, Auto-refill, Purchase history, Customer service, Calling Rates, App settings and you can also deactivate your account in Reset Account.

Comfi Account Settings

Keypad – A regular keypad to dial numbers if contacts information is not saved in your smartphones.


Comfi is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Visit their site – Comfi


1. Cheap International calling rates as compared to normal standard charges.

2. You can save up to 75% charges on calling internationally.

3. No PIN is required to make a call, just dial a number through the dialer provided or call your already existing contacts.

4. Auto refill or recharge card without any tax or extra fee.


  • No call support

Final Thoughts

Comfi app is definitely worth giving a try. It is a perfect app for those who are constantly making international calls. This can even be the go-to calling app for those people.

What’s your take? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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