2 Methods To Check Paytm Wallet Balance

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Paytm has made the methods for transactions and payments to various vendors and merchants quite easier. But while making payments sometimes it shows a message, insufficient balance in your Paytm wallet. This can happen as the payments in Paytm are made through wallet balance. And most of the times we don’t see the wallet balance or don’t know how to check it. Knowing the Paytm balance helps in maintaining sufficient amount in the wallet so that you can make the transactions required. You can check the Paytm balance of your account very easily. We have provided with the steps that will help you in checking the balance on your Paytm account so that before making any payment you can be sure to that it has sufficient balance.

Check Paytm Balance

You can check the balance of your Paytm account both from the Paytm app or from the website using any web browser. Let’s head directly to the steps.

Method 1 – Using Paytm App In Mobile

1. Open the Paytm application on your device. It can be either Android or iPhone. Before checking the balance make sure you are logged into Paytm with your credentials. Or of any other account for which you want to check the balance.

2. Now once inside the application, on the main dashboard, look for Passbook. It can be seen below the Paytm search bar. Select it.

Or you can also open it by tapping the hamburger icon at the left corner. It will open a slide menu, from there select My Passbook.

Paytm passbook

3. It may ask you for a password if you have set any. Once the Passbook is opened, you will be able to see the Paytm Wallet Balance. If you tap on Paytm Wallet it will show you the transaction history for your account.

check paytm balance

You can also check the Bank balance in Paytm for the account that you may have added or linked with it. Just tap on the Bank if it is listed inside passbook and provide the password. You can also Add Money to Paytm wallet or Send Money to Bank from here.

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Method 2 – Using Paytm Website From Any Browser

1. Go to Paytm official website on any of the web browsers on your PC or desktop. Again here also login using the credentials of the desired Paytm account.

check paytm balance - from website on browsers

You can also use other methods of login like barcode scanning as mnetioned on their website.

2. Once you are logged in you will be able to see the Pyatm Wallet balance at the top right corner of the web page just beside the search bar.

Paytm balance

In case you want to check the Passbook and the transactions made in that account or Add Money to Paytm Wallet, simply click on the Paytm wallet and select as per your requirements.

3. You can have detailed info about the Paytm account and its transactions inside the Passbook option as shown below.

Paytm wallet balance

Wrapping Up

These were the simplest methods to check Paytm balance for your Paytm account. This way you can keep a check on your wallet balance and other transactions made from your Paytm account.

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