7 Best Hiking Apps For Android And iPhone

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Hiking is one of the best ways to get close to nature and experience its serenity. Earlier people use to carry maps, compass and many other tools and equipment which would help them in hiking but since the arrival of smartphones, people use that same smartphone to carry certain tools and apps for their journey into the wild.

Today we bring you the best hiking apps for Android and iPhone that would make your hike more convenient.

Our List

1. Star Walk 2

star walk 2 - hiking app

Ever had a hike or camping under the night sky looking at a star or maybe wondered whether you are looking at a satellite or a planet? Well, then Star Walk 2 is what you need then. This app will provide you the information about almost all the possible stars in the night sky with all of the constellations in it. Besides that, you can also have look at the planets that are in the solar system and the satellites revolving around our Earth.

It will give you a 3D view of all the constellations and all the other objects or you can also have an AR view through its camera to have a perfect look at your surroundings. It sets itself according to the compass and you can move your smartphone around in order to see what is where or just swipe through the screen. Zoom in at any planet or star you like to have a look at it and its details. This app is best for campings and the best thing about it is you can use it at any time whether it’s day or night.

star walk 2 hiking app

You can search for constellations, planets, stars, galaxies, and satellites. Get information for the Sun, Moon, and planets with respect to any date and get updated with constellations. In order to search everything you have to make some in-app purchases but even without that, you will have plenty of things to look at.

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2. Hiking Project

hiking project app

Done with your local hiking spots and looking for some new trails to walk? Join Hiking Project. With the help of it, you will be able to search from all the hiking trails in the world whether it’s from Alabama or Reunion, a small island between Madagascar and Mauritius. Download and search from more than 26000 trails all around the world and use it whenever you like. Hence you can have a track of your current hike and its GPS location even without an internet connection. Apart from an app, if you are also interested in hardware for tracking your location and route then you can opt for any of these best hiking GPS according to Globo Surf.

Best hiking apps for android iPhone- hiking project

Get information of the trails Route, Distance, Height of the hike, Photos, Reviews submitted by other hikers and also the Weather conditions around the place. Simply search and select your desirable hike destination and download its map data, pin it in order to mark your journey.

Apart from this, you can also see other adventures and famous destinations to go from under the gems search tabs. It will also show you famous and most featured hiking trails for a particular place from which you can choose. If this doesn’t make it the best hiking app then what does!

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3. AllTrails

all trails hiking app

Just like the above app, it provides information regarding all the hike trails and its maps details.

Moving ahead, besides these, you can set your favorite trials by marking the Heart icon and add plans for the future hike that you would love to go to. What makes this app so special from the above apps is that you can record the data for your current hike and save it to share your activity. In order to complete a trail, you have to check in from where you started.

While recording a trail you can set a waypoint and mark it, like for e.g, Starting point which will help you in your hike. Add photos to map your trail and download offline maps for viewing later. Another best feature of this app is that while recording your trail it will also show the elevation that you have made, calories burned throughout your journey and your current coordinates.

Well, to use every feature like offline maps, designing your own trail or print your maps for backup you need to buy its subscription which starts from $2.50/ month (billed annually) or select a lifetime subscription for a one-time payment of $99.99.

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4. Cures A-Z

cure a-z - best hiking app

As the name of the app suggests, Cure A-Z contains the best possible treatment regarding various diseases and health conditions. For hikers and campers, this could be a great way to avoid certain health problems and minor accidents. It provides both natural and prescribed cures.

All the conditions are arranged in alphabetic order. Once you select any condition it will give you details about it in Background page and beside it is Treatment page which will show you ways to cure it. Along with this, you will also have the information regarding Nutrition for various food items, supplements and different types of minerals and its intake values.

These features make it one of the most important hiking apps a person should have for their safety.

While this app can be used offline for sure but online have its perks. It will allow you to search for prescriptions or consult a doctor regarding any of your problems. Most of the conditions are unlocked and free to use but in order to have the complete features, you have to buy a premium upgrade which is just $1.99.

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5. PictureThis

picturethis - identify plants while on hike

Sometimes while hiking or camping you might come across some plants that you are not aware of. This app will allow you to identify almost any plant or tree growing in the wild. It will not only give you information about the plant but also in this way you can be sure that the plant is not dangerous for you or anyone. Just click the picture of the plant and let the app do the searching. It will provide all the possible matches for that plant.

Though you cannot use the search feature without internet, you can save and collect your previous searches or you can also click the picture of the plant and search it later from the Gallery.

picturethis app

Explore with the help of Google Maps to get information about plants nearby you or observe different plants uploaded by several users.

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6. Offline Survival Manual

offline surviving manual - hiking app for android

Hiking can be pretty dangerous and sometimes it may end up with unexpected situations, but with the correct knowledge, you can overcome any situation. Our next app is for those who are looking for a perfect guide for their survival in any situation.

This app is very simple and is completely offline, so you can use it whenever you want. Just tap on the menu icon on the top left and it will show you all the topics that you can learn from. Topics range from Psychology, Power, Kits or How to Build a fire or a Shelter, signaling for rescue and many more.

It also has a day/night theme which is very convenient and besides this, it can search for any particular thing just type what you want on the search bar and all information regarding it will be shown. You can also edit its preloaded information which will allow improving the knowledge about many things.


7. Mountaineering

mountaineering app for hiking

Out of all the best hiking apps, this certainly is most informative and useful for all the hikers. This app will provide you with information regarding all the mountaineering techniques. Learn about mountains and its weather, how to live in the mountain and manage supplies. The equipment regarding the climb, dress, shoes, and other accessories.

Learn about the techniques used for tying rope knots and anchors for different purpose and situations. You can learn how to walk on mountains with or without snow, walk on ice, cross mountain streams, the skills for mountain rescuing and evacuation.

With this guide, you will be able to face difficult situations and be prepared for it.

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Best Hiking Apps: Final thoughts

Hiking is a beautiful thing and very adventurous due to its trails through the wild and sometimes the unknown. These best hiking apps for Android and iPhone will definitely help you in enjoying your holiday trekking or camping underneath the stars and keep you safe and sound. Most importantly for your convenience, all the apps are free except for some in-app purchases. You can go for a hike anywhere but always remember not every hike would be easy so it is advised to have some professional with you always.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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