VeePN Review: How To Successfully Protect Your IP And Information From Malicious Actors

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You must have faced a situation where you want to hide your IP address from the potential hackers or you simply want to download any app or content which is not available for your country.

This is where VeePN comes into play. Using their services, you can achieve all those results by paying the premium amount as per the plan. Let’s dive into this detailed VeePN review to find out more.

Why VeePN?

VeePN will serve as the secure bridge between your devices and the Internet connection.

It will ensure that you are browsing and surfing in the most private manner as possible. This way, the users will be safe from any kind of external tracking. It can also be used to hide or change your IP address so that your system can not be tracked.

Even the most secure browsers still need a VPN for 100% privacy and security.

VeePN review

VeePN Review

Supported Platforms

VeePN is available for the following platforms and devices:

  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Router

How It Works

Coming to configuring this software, I tried this VeePN software on my Windows laptop.

After logging in to their website using the credentials, simply head over to the Downloads tab and click on the Windows icon. This will automatically start downloading the software on your system.

Once the software is installed, simply select the location or server.

After selecting the appropriate location, click on the VPN activate icon to turn its functionality ON. And that’s it. Now rest depends on you, you can choose any nearby servers by selecting the nearby country or vice versa.

VeePN set location

After that, I tried installing Spotify as it is not available for my Country. And I was easily able to install and use it without any issues. Although, I tried the same procedure on my Redmi Note 5 Pro phone using their Android app. But it wasn’t working hassle free as it did on the laptop.

VeePN Dashboard

After logging in to the website, you will find 4  tabs at the top which are listed below:

1. Overview: In this tab, you will be able to find the slots and the devices for which you are already using VeePN services. You can add up to 10 slots and for additional slots, simply click on Get More Slots and pay the required amount.

Overview tab

2. Orders: Here you will find the details regarding your current subscription plans. And again, you can buy additional slots from this screen also.

3. Downloads: In this tab, you will find the download links for every platform that VeePN supports.

VeePN downloads

4. Account: Lastly, you can find your account details like name, email, password, billing history, plan name & validity, and so on.


  • Users can add up to 10 devices to the VeePN account using them simultaneously for any of the subscription plans available.
  • Changing and hiding IP address.
  • They provide 256-bit level encryption to make sure that your data is always safe.
  • With more than 2500 VPNs, users can easily switch servers with only a single click.
  • Using Kill Switch feature, users can prevent their IP from accidental exposure to hackers.
  • With the strict no logs policy, you don’t have to worry about VeePN recording your personal data and browsing history. But it will record your account information, payment history, service logs, contact number, troubleshooting methods, and so on.
  • VeePN provides unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions.
  • They also make sure to prevent your DNS queries from being leaked.
  • VeePN setup tutorials available on website.


  • Secure connection.
  • Safe browsing and surfing.
  • Great 24*7 chat and email support team.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • 256-bit military level encryption.
  • Easy setup and configuration.
  • Apps available for every device.
  • WiFi Security.
  • Global Internet access.
  • Protects personal data leaking to potential hackers.
  • Overcoming GEO restrictions.
  • Digital privacy.


Made my smartphone slower but worked perfectly fine on my laptop.


There are currently 3 premium plans (each plan has 10 free slots) offered by VeePN and each of them has a 30-day Money-Back guarantee:

1. One month plan for $10.99 per month.

2. One-year plan for $5.83 per month.

3. Five-year plan for $2.78 per month


For additional slots, you will have to pay the extra payment.

  1. $0.83 per month for a single device in a year.

2. $2.49 per month for 5 devices in a year.

3. $4.99 per month for 10 devices in a year.

Payment Methods

VeePN offers a very wide selection of payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin)
  • Paymentwall

VeePN Review Verdict

Overall, VeePN is a great VPN service that will ensure that you are browsing and surfing safely on the Internet. They have 3 plans which are more than enough to fit every user’s needs.

So, there’s really no downside in investing in their offers.

It works perfectly on PC but can vary according to the smartphone that you are using. We definitely recommend you to use VeePN.

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