How To Create Channel On IGTV From App Or Website

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IGTV from Instagram is here to challenge YouTube. Many are even saying that it will kill YouTube in future. Well, we’ll see. IGTV brings longer form videos – up to 60 minutes to the Instagram platform. You might have already started watching videos on IGTV from your favorite brands. If you wish you too can start uploading your videos on Instagram TV. In order to do that you will have to first create channel on IGTV. This tutorial will help you out in doing so. So keep reading.

Create Your IGTV Channel

It is possible to create your channel on IGTV either from Instagram or IGTV app or website. We have mentioned the steps for all the three possibilities. Now then, let us get to it.

Method 1: Using IGTV App

1. There is a separate IGTV app released by Instagram for Android and iOS. So, you can install it from the respective app stores.

2. Open the app after successful installation. Log into the app using your Instagram account. On the home screen itself, you will see a gear icon on the right-hand side somewhere in the middle of the screen. Tap on it.

Create IGTV Channel Using IGTV App

3. This will open a Settings screen. In that, you will see Create Channel option. Tap on it.

4. The next couple of screens will introduce you to IGTV. You may skip them either by swiping or tapping on Next. On the final screen, tap on Create Channel.

Create Your Own Channel On IGTV

With this, you channel will be created. Instagram has made it a piece of cake to create a channel. Isn’t it? Your channel will automatically take your Instagram username. It is possible to view your channel anytime by tapping on your Instagram profile avatar.

Method 2: From Instagram App

If you don’t want to use an additional app to create IGTV channel then you can do it from the Instagram app itself. Instagram has made it possible to use IGTV within the Instagram app.

1. Open Instagram app and tap on the new IGTV icon to the left of DM paper plane icon.

Use IGTV from Instagram app

2. Now, tap on the cog icon at the center right of the screen and select Create Channel.

Create Channel On IGTV Without Using igtv app

3. Tap on Next or swipe left until you see the final screen with the Create Channel button. Tap on it.

Create Your Own Channel On IGTV Without IGTV app

Method 3: Create Channel On IGTV From Instagram Website

It is also possible to create your own channel from PC/Mac using the Instagram website.

1. Visit the Instagram site and log into your account if not already logged in.

2. After that, head to your profile screen by clicking on the profile icon at the top right corner.

Profile Instagram website

3. Under your profile, select the IGTV tab.

Create IGTV Channel From Instagram Website

4. Next, click on Get Started.

5. Click on Next for two times and finally click on Create Channel.

Create Your IGTV channel

That’s it!

These were several ways of creating an IGTV channel. You can choose the best one for yourself and hit the ground running.

In case you are facing issues while watching IGTV videos then you can download them for offline viewing. If you have any query regarding IGTV then let us know in the comments down below.

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