Guide To Choosing The Best Led Light Bar

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In today’s world, LED sources are used to illuminate the space both indoors and outside. The LED light bars have gained incredible popularity due to many undeniable advantages. They have high uniformity and softness of the glow. This allows eyes to feel comfortable. The luminous flux consists only of white light. There is no infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The LED bar has a high luminous and energy efficiency. They work even at an extreme temperature of -40° C +60° C. At the same time, they almost do not heat up and turn on instantly.

Also, bars are durable and have a long service life. They work even if one or several elements fail and do not need maintenance. The best LED light bar has all the properties to easily substitute other sources of light. Let’s check how to choose the LED bar.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A LED Bar

A wide range of bars allows you to embody bold and innovative solutions.  They do not interfere with low ceilings or narrow aisles. This allows you to embed panels of a wide variety of shapes in any convenient place. Almost no modern design can do without the use of lighting of this type. When choosing the best LED light bar for the money, pay attention to the following features:

Guide to choose best LED Light bar

1. Brightness, Lightness

Most of the optical-physical values of light sources describe how light it is. One of the main characteristics is the luminous flux, which gives an idea of a particular light source. It shows the amount of light energy emitted by the source. It is measured in lumens. Different forms of human activity require different kinds of illumination. Take this into account when checking Nilight bar review. With the long-term discrepancy of the required illumination, vision deteriorates.

Warm white light feels like a sunset and is best suited for recreation areas. These are restaurants, theaters, living rooms, bedrooms. Neutral white light feels like noon and is suitable for workplaces such as offices.

2. Power Supply

LED bars are of two types: 220V and 12V power supplies. According to the Nilight light bar reviews, the first is more convenient and more compact. The second is safer and more reliable. Both types for their work use power supplies (converters, stabilizers, drivers). Each model is equipped with its own converter, which is usually not compatible with other models of panels. Such an important parameter for eye health as light flicker depends on the level of driver’s quality.

3. The Type Of Fastening

Three methods of fastening are most often applied. They are suspended, laid on and built in. Light linear bars are mounted on double-sided tape or special accessories. LED bars are very thin – only 1-3 cm thick. In many cases, this allows installation even without embedding.

4. Resistance To Moisture (Degree Of Protection)

The characteristics for specific models indicate the degree of protection. IP20, IP33 – used to illuminate the shelves, ceiling, etc., that is, where it is completely dry. IP 65, IP66 – used to illuminate the bathroom, kitchen, passenger compartment, etc. It fits places where there is a small amount of water/steam. IP68 – used for lighting swimming pools, outdoor billboards, etc. It is for the objects that are not protected from the external environment.


So, these were the important factors to consider while selecting a LED light bar. We hope these points will help you in picking the right light bar for your needs. Choose the best one for the money with bearing in mind all the above-mentioned characteristics.

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