Handy Gadgets for the Digital Nomad and the Working Traveller

Being a Digital Nomad has become a kind of a norm these days. Self employed and freelancers alike are working out of co-working spaces, coffee shops. The life of a digital nomad affords a freedom to work out of any city and country. Cheaper accommodation in the form of hostels and Airbnb’s has helped digital nomads to work in different continents in the same month, not because they have to, but because they want to.

Working in an office we take for granted all the facilities that we have. But as a Digital Nomad and working and travelling out of flights, buses and other transport, it is difficult to create the right atmosphere for working and if you are travelling you may not be able to carry large gadgets to work.

Gadgets for digital Nomad

Useful Gadgets for Digital Nomad

As gadgets have evolved over the years, a certain niche for working travellers and digital nomads have come to the market that make life easy. Earlier we covered essential travel gadgets and accessories and today we cover a set of products that are great for the working traveller.

1. ZAGG – The Pocket Keyboard

The one thing that is the difference between working on the iPad and your laptop is the keyboard. The keyboard is such an important gadget that we cannot work properly on devices without them. If you are a developer or a writer, there is a lot of typing involved.

Check out the Zagg Keyboard. This is a portable keyboard that makes your life super easy by letting you attach your smartphone or phablet to the keyboard and typing away. The best part about this device is the folding functionality where you can fold it and put it inside your suit pocket while travelling. You can quickly type out a mail or write an entire article while on the fly from anywhere.

If you find it annoying to take your laptop out during the flight then the ZAGG pocket keyboard can do the job for you. This is a must have for workaholics who want to work even while travelling.

Gadgets for Digital Nomad

ZAGG Pocket Keyboard on Amazon

2. The Nomad Products

Now these products are something that I’m excited about because of their sheer utility. I cannot point to just one gadget because this company called Nomad make some of the best multi purpose chargers.

The founder of Nomad who was a digital nomad himself figured during his travel in Spain that carrying chargers was clunky and cumbersome because of the wires. He decided to take the function of charging and bring it to everyday devices. So the Nomad set of chargers are called the Nomad Key, The Nomad Clip and the Nomad Plus.

Gadgets for working traveller

a. The Nomad Key  

It’s a simple key chain with a USB plug on one side and a charger on the other side. This is a multi utility device because you carry your keys everywhere. If you have a laptop or a power bank, you can use this useful charger to charge your smartphone. This is better than carrying a separate USB cable because this doubles as a key chain as well.

Nomad Key on Amazon

b. The Nomad Clip

The Nomad Clips is a carabiner, not necessarily for climbing, but simpler use cases to hook bags together or hook important items like keys to your pants. This carabiner also has a USB attached to it.

Nomad Clip on Amazon

c. The Nomad Plus

The Nomad Plus is a portable charger for your device that is very small. It has an 1800 mAH battery and charges any USB powered device, although it requires a USB wall plug to be powered. It works as a power bank, but small and handy that can be charged when your phone is fully charged. It can charge your phone to up to 80% battery power.

Nomad Plus on Amazon

3. Sevyr – The Charging Wallet

The Sevyr is very simply a charging wallet. If I were to buy a wallet why wouldn’t I buy a wallet with a charging feature? It performs all the functions of a wallet with a money clip for cash and receipts. It has a 1400 mAH battery that can be recharged within 2.5 hours.

On a night out and when your phone battery is down, you don’t have to hunt around for a charger and power source or even give it to the bar tender to charge your phone, you can charge your phone while booking a cab. I feel this is an extremely useful product that should not be missed.

Travel gadgets and accessories for working

Sevyr Charging Wallet on Amazon

4. Brookstone Portable Projector

When you are travelling and living the life of a Digital Nomad, you really don’t have a large screen that you can use most of the time. The Brookstone is a portable projector that you could use to throw a quick presentation or watch content from wherever you are.

If you are staying in a nice hostel working remotely, you could very easily put on the projector and have a movie night. The use case for this handy device is wide.

Essential Travel gadgets for digital nomad

Brookstone Portable Projector on Amazon

5. Leef Bridge

When you are out and outside and travelling and you need to transfer content from your phone to your computer or laptop, it can be a hassle to transfer the content via e-mail when you don’t have the proper internet connection or the file size is too big.

The leef bridge is an awesome device that helps you transfer content from your smartphone to the computer in the most seamless way. If you have images on your smartphone and want to transfer it immediately, just use the leef.

Gagdets for working while travel

Leef Bridge on Amazon

6. Fellowes Privacy Screen

When we are travelling, we are using our smartphones and tablets and we have peeping toms everywhere looking at the stuff that we are doing. It can be a private message, an e-mail you are writing, or even a movie that you are watching that is explicit. You could be sitting at the airport and preparing an important presentation, the contents of which need to be for your eyes only.

Our screens are out and open to the people watching it and this can make us very conscious. The Fellowes privacy screen aims to beat this by having a protective glass over your screen that blanks out the contents of your monitor completely at an angle.

So only if a person is directly behind you can they see your monitor. If somebody is to your left, they would see a blank screen. So if you are hesitant to watching that epic Game of Thrones episode and feel weird because somebody else can see it, then fret not.

Gadgets for business travel

Fellowes Privacy Screen on Amazon

Here are a few more amazing useful Travel Gadgets.

These are the products we would love to use as Digital Nomads and as working travellers. Products which have a dual purpose really help in reducing the amount of products. Another thing is the size of the products, every product ought to be made smaller for travellers.

Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.


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