8 Best Travel Gadgets And Accessories

Travelers need to carry the least amount of items and try to maximize the usage of those items.  Most backpackers carry with them a set of tools to help them during the trip, but we think they can improve their travel experience if they have tech gadgets with them, which will help them in different aspects while traveling. This post is for all travelers and what gadgets you need to be carrying.

1. Tile – Safety of your objects

The safety of your belongings is paramount. When you are travelling you are left with only your essentials. Your backpack that you carry with you that has your clothes and maybe your laptop and your digital camera need to be kept safe. Your backpack may also contain your passport and personal identity details that are important. Locks cannot guarantee that someone will not steal your rucksack and therefore you need a more foolproof option to keep your belongings safe. The tech gadget  that you could use is the Tile.

Best Tech Gadgets for Travel

Tile is a small device that you attach to any of your belongings and that can be tracked through your smartphone. It’s a small gadget that can be tied to or placed in and it won’t take too much space. If you want it to be inconspicuous, you could design it with stickers to conceal its identity.

Best Tech Travel Gadgets

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2. Travel Jacket – Clothing Related Tech 

Space has to be optimized for the world traveler. A lot has to be done with little space. A backpack can only have a limited amount of objects and its gets heavy. When it gets too heavy, then it becomes a hassle and you get back pains as well. Another aspect is safekeeping of your important stuff as well as ease of access to those things. If inadvertently you happened to have kept your passport in the bottom of your backpack, then you’ll have to unpack your entire bag just to get to the passport.

All this can be countered with smart wear! What if you had a more functional jacket that performed tasks for you or had dedicated spaces for your important stuff?

Essential Tech Gadgets for travelers

PowearIN2.0 is a smart travel jacket that has dedicated areas for different objects as well as inbuilt charging systems; RFID based blocking pockets for extra safety! With a smart jacket like this, all your essentials will be in your personal and even if you lose your backpack you will still have all your important items with you.

Best Technology Travel Gadgets

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3. Nipper World’s smallest phone charger

We need our devices charged all the time, especially when traveling. While traveling your phone is used for taking a lot of photos, using Google maps to locate places, to take notes and basically everything else we do even we aren’t traveling. This constant use will drain your battery and sometimes may put you in a tricky spot when you have to call somebody or book a cab.

Business travel gadgets

To help with this situation, people carry portable chargers. Portable chargers, although very useful, they lack one important quality that is needed by travelers. Size. Most of the time, the portable charger is bigger than the phone and annoying to carry and store. It’s very difficult to use the phone while it’s charging. To help with this situation two guys created the Nipper which they claim is the smallest phone charger in the world. The Nipper can easily fit in the palm of your hands and uses AA or AAA batteries to charge your device. 

Best Gadgets for travel

Top 5 Must-Have Travel Accessories

1. Belkin Mini 5W 3-Outlet Swivel Travel Charger with Dual USB Ports

Best Travel Accessories


Seems, I have developed a kind of fondness for this wonderful portable swivel charger. It works internationally and that’s what I found really wonderful. Considering the number of gadgets I actually carry on travel (keeping the convenience quotient in mind), the power outlets in the hotel rooms and the airport terminals often fall short of the requirement. Thanks to Belkin’s awesome product. I loved it the most for the superpower protection from damaging voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes.

Featuring three protected AC outlets, two protected, powered USB outlets, and a 360-degree rotating plug design works great even in the petite place. I use it to charge my digital cameras, smartphones, MP3 players, and portable hard drives all at the same time. And yes! It comes with $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.  The product is also covered by Belkin Limited lifetime warranty

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2. FIRST ALERT SFA250 Lost Items Finder with Built-in Bluetooth(R) consumer electronics

Useful Travel Gadgets


A must have product for everyone who has a thing for traveling. Why? Because it prevents your product from being misplaced. This simple, tiny, Bluetooth device should be attached to anything that you do not want to lose or misplace. And once it’s done, you can locate your product via a free app service on your Smartphone. Yes, it’s incredibly smart. Hence, if the device itself is lost, the app on your Smartphone will go in sync with all other “item finder” apps to find your one. You can now bid goodbye to the travel tantrums given by misplaced keys, hidden remote controls, lost luggage, bags, wallets, or purses.

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3. Philips PPX4835 LED Portable Pocket Projector, 350 Lumens, MHL Interface iOS/Android Devices (White)

Must Have Travel Accessories


Bosses become so clingy at times that they can’t simply leave you for enjoying the vacation. They show up at the unexpected of the time and you simply have no other way but to take their call. Well, worry no more, you can now pacify your boss now in a more hassle-free manner. That makes your life easier too. Simply connect this product with your notebook, laptop, tablets, Smartphone or any kind of mobile device and have a video chat with your boss, even when you are on the go. Crystal clear pictures and high contrasts make the business presentation a  light affair. Worry not even when you are traveling.

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4. Luxebell Luggage Scale 110lbs for Traveler and Home – Instant Fast Read

Essential Travel accessories

It stands out from the crowd with its exceptionally Bright 1.4″ LCD Backlight, Temperature Sensor (°F/°C), Auto Weight-Lock (1 min), Auto Power-Off (1 min), Tare Function, and Long-Life CR2032 Lithium Battery. This awesome product can easily weigh your luggage in the most hassle free way. Once the weight goes beyond 110 lb / 50 kg, it gives notification. Compact and lightweight design for the travelers, this is a high precision strain gauge sensor.

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5. Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

Useful travel items


It’s basically a mini washing machine that’s portable. Carry it wherever you go. It’s just 180 gms. Get machine quality wash anytime anywhere. Featured with microbial- and hydrolysis-resistant polyether TPU, this mini washing machine is my trusted companion wherever I go. Even during the business meets at other countries, I carry this and do not solely rely on the hotel authorities.

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And before we finish…

The bottom line is technology has improved our lifestyle in the most hassle-free manner. Each of these items is significantly useful and for me, these are the companions. So next time, if you are planning a vacation, keep these things in mind at the very beginning.

Those were our top 8 traveler gadgets and accessories from us at TechUntold, do you have any gadgets that you want to talk about?

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