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Facts and logic behind technology logos, color and names.

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Exciting Future Technology Predictions for 2050

Hollywood does this a lot for us. They shove their idea of what the future would look like down our throats. Let’s really think about the future.This is the month

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This is how Bluetooth has got its name

In the 21st century, when you are pretty much connected with your friends and family with the help of wireless technology, the name “Bluetooth” is definitely quite familiar to you.

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Does Length of Cable affect Charging Speed?

A very few people get Tech. Most of us don’t and sometimes we have questions that really may seem trivial, but it doesn’t let us sleep. I’ll be honest, my

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The $1 Trillion Race : Who will get there first? – Part 2

This is a follow-up to our previous post : What does it take to be a Billion Dollar Company? Apple – $616 Billion Among all the technology companies, Apple is the

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Snapchat Vs Facebook : How is Snapchat threat to Facebook

In an online social world dominated by Facebook, nobody thought another company could rival Facebook after it became the largest social network in the world in 2009. But two years

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Facebook vs Twitter for Users and Marketing

The two biggest Social Media giants in the world right now in the English language are Facebook and Twitter. These two social media giants have gone at each other over

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Facebook Domination – How did Facebook become the Behemoth that they are?

This is a two part series and to read the first part – Facebook Domination : How did Facebook beat Orkut and FriendFeed Facebook is a company to do a lot

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Facebook Domination : How did Facebook beat Orkut and FriendFeed

The ubiquitous social network is the first website to reach over 1.5 billion users and they have over 1 billion MAU(Monthly Active Users). These numbers are staggering to say the

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History, Evolution and Future of Keyboard

Get to know about History of Keybaord and it’s evolution. The reason for bumps on F and J keys on the keyboard unveiled. Also, Future of Keyboard shared in the

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Why are Android OS versions named after sweets?

Tech companies in the Silicon Valley employ a lot of “Cool” things to connect better with non-tech audiences. When they fail to get the users attention with servers, algorithms and

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