7 Best Name Generator Apps And Websites

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Names reflect the nature and personality of any individual, business brand or a company. Searching for names is not as easy as it looks. You can brainstorm among your friends and groups to come out for a perfect name. Or better use these best name generator apps and sites to get random names from a large number of options. These apps and websites will provide you names with respect to different languages and keywords according to your requirements.

 Name Generator Apps

1. Name Generator

Name Generator - Best Name Generator

With this mobile app, you can generate names for individuals with respect to different countries. It allows selecting the gender for whom you are willing to search names for. You just have to select the origin of the country and there will be random names generated. These names can be then copied from there and pasted to your desired location.

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2. Baby Names!!

Baby Names - name Generator for iOS

If you are looking for baby names and are getting confused about where to look then this app is for you. It will show you names with respect to different countries, origins, and gender. They will also give the meanings so you can select a name with good meaning. You can also see the names according to the popularity and even see how popular your name is. Apart from this, it can also provide names that will match as per the parent’s name.

App Store

3. Baby Name Together

Baby Name Together

Just like the above app, this will also help you in searching the names for newborns. You can choose from 30,000 names from its database. It also allows adding your family members to make their own selection to see if you like the same name.

Here you can select the gender and the origin of the country from where you want the name to search from. Apart from this, it will also show you the theme of the name and audio feedback for getting the correct pronunciation. You can also see new names uploaded by different users from different parts of the world.

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4. Company Name Generator for Android

Company Name Generator

As the name of the app suggests, it allows to find and create names for companies. Whether its a business, organizations, brands or websites you can use this app to generate names and select from the given list as per your desire. This brand name generator app will ask you to input the name for the company that you are planning to use. Then it will provide a list of names with different suffix & prefix and with different fonts & styles which you can select from.

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5. Company Name Generator for iOS

Company Name Generator for iOS

Company name generator app is similar in functionality as the above one. You can search and generate random names for your company. There is no copyright for the names generated, you can register it as a trademark for your business if you like to. The only downside here is that this app is available for iOS devices only.

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Name Generator Websites

6. Name Generator

Name Generator - Website

Name Generator is a website in which you can find names for various occasions and categories. Whether you are looking middle names or for a baby, Pet, House, etc. It has everything you may be searching for. You can provide information as asked by them and it will show you all the possible names according to your choices.


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7. Random Name Generator

Random Name Generator - Best Names generator

With this website, you can generate names for your company, domain, mobile app or business with many variations. It allows setting the criteria for searching names For e.g Generate names starting with, Generate names containing your desired words and letters and a few more. You can select any given names and add to favorites in the website. There will be an option showing the possible available domains for your selected name.


Best Name Generator Apps and Website

If you are looking for names but are not able to come up for one, try out these name generator apps and websites. You can browse from their large database and pick the one that suits the best for you. There are many other options like you can add your choices and also have meanings for the word. Share it with your friends & family to help them come up with good names for a brand, baby, website, business or a mobile application.

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