6 Best Placeit Alternatives: Free Mockup Generator Online Tools

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Are you into blogging or Website making? For these things, you need images that go best with the theme of your work. And obviously, it is not possible to click all the required images. There are many tools available that can be used as mockups to provide suitable theme or background to your images. Placeit is one of such tools. In my opinion, Placeit is little tough to use and also a bit high priced. In the free version, you get watermarks on your pics that no one wants. Here we have featured some best Placeit Alternatives and some of them even have better pictures options than Placeit.

Best Free Mockup Generators For Apps, Website, And Blogs

1. AppLaunchpad

applaunchpad - Placeit Alternatives

AppLaunchpad is a powerful and one of the best Placeit alternatives to create app screenshot mockups. Many big and small business use the free and paid version of this tool. You can create images to place with your app on App Store and Play Store.

In the free version also, there are many features that you will not find on some of the other free mockup generators. You can create more than one image at a time. The app allows you to write about the feature or anything above your screenshot. Different fonts and background colors are available to completely customize the image according to the theme.

applaunchpad - best mockup generator tool online

Use AppLaunchpad

2. Smartmockups

Smartmockups  - best placeit alternative

Smartmockups has free as well as premium version. But you can try features of premium version for 7 days trial period for free. This Placeit alternative tool also has a feature to generate print mockups like posters, stationaries, and apparel mockups. But Smartmockups has some really cool templates for you in every category. The beautiful images will definitely spark your online presence.

You can upload an image or insert a URL to generate the mockup. When you upload an image in the generator, you can crop, rotate and flip it. The image can also be cropped in different presets like a square, rectangle, traditional, HD format and Facebook cover. Before downloading the image, there are 4 types of image quality to choose from. This tools could be on top of the list but many of its features are paid.

smartmockups.com - best Mockups generator online

Use Smartmockups

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3. Mockuper

mockuper best free mockup generator

Looking for mockups with a minimalistic theme? Go for Mockuper. It has limited but amazing set of templates. Desktops, phones, smartwatch, business cards and other various templates are available on Mockuper. The templates are too useful for Artists, content creators, tutorial makers, designers etc.

Before downloading you can choose from the image qualities which are of HD resolution. If you face any problem or you have no idea how to begin, watch the tutorial on the website.

Use Mockuper

4. App Institute’s App Screenshot Maker

App institute's free App Screenshot Maker

This alternative to Placeit is little like AppLaunchpad but with some different features. It is completely free with customizable templates for many phones. Here you can upload a screenshot to generate a mockup or add image URL. If you are planning to generate mockup for Apple device, you can search for the name of the app from App store and customize the already available screenshots.

There is no background other than the device in the mockups. So, its good for you if you want to post a screenshot of your app’s features on Google Play Store, Apple App Store etc. You can add text above or below the images and also choose not to use any device in the mockup.

Use App Screenshot Maker

5. MagicMockups

MagicMockups - free mockup generator website

MagicMockups is a free mockup generator tool which survives on donations. You will get the templates to generate mockups of laptops, phones, tablets, iMac and Wall hangings. The templates are very few but are very useful for creating thumbnails and presentations.

You will get images in resolutions you choose including high-resolution. The images are very attractive and there is no way that anyone won’t try them for free.

Use MagicMockups

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6. Dunnnk

Dunnnk - best free mockup generator

From all free mockup generators, Dunnnk is most simple and best for people like me. If you are looking for a very simple and completely free tool, you will really like Dunnnk. The tool has approx 50 templates only which are obviously way too fewer than Placeit. But it suits the purpose of people who want mockups for just advertising their apps, websites, any feature or create impressive thumbnails.

Like many above apps, there will be no watermark on your pictures. This tool is fast with attractive templates for iPhone, Android, MacBook, iPad, iMac, and Apple Watch. You just have to click on the template, choose an image from your gallery and done!

Dunnnk - Mockup Generator online

Use Dunnnk

Placeit Alternatives For Creating Mockups

So, these were some best Placeit alternatives that are worth trying if you are looking for spicing up your content. In these tools mentioned above, some lack the features that others have and vice versa. As they are free, you should try them at least once. If this article helped you in your designing your article or blog, you can share it with your friends or followers.

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