7 Best Apps To Track TV Shows Or Movies

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I never miss even a glimpse of my favorite TV show. Missing any show is like a nightmare for TV buffs especially when your friends also watch that show. It comes with the chances of missing out on discussion and you might hate the spoilers too. Gone are the days when we used to look in the newspapers for show and movie timings. Now you can know about everything that is going on air today, tomorrow or during the week. So, here in this article, we mention the best apps to track TV Shows or Movies on Android and iOS.

Top TV Show/Movie Tracker Apps

1. TV Time

TV Time - Best apps to track tv shows Android and iPhone

This is one of the best TV show tracker apps that I came across. It is available on Google Play Store as well as iTunes. TV time has more features than any other app in this category. Even if you watch the episodes on Netflix or on your PC offline, this app is helpful.

You can mark all the shows that you watch and it will also suggest you the trending ones to track. Then you can even mark the seasons you have already watched. Now, whenever you open the app, the list of unwatched episodes from your favorite serial that are going to be aired soon will appear on the homepage. You can also comment or post a photo, GIF or video as a reaction.

There is also a watchlist where they track the progress of your shows. You can see which season’s what episode have you watched and what is next. The list of features doesn’t end here. You can also participate in really interesting quizzes about the shows you have watched. There is also a section for trending articles and podcasts related to your shows.

App link: Android/iOS

2. Hobi

Hobi - Best TV Series Tracker

This is a small and one of the very simple apps to track TV shows for Android. The app is currently rated 4.7 on Google Play store. There are just 3 sections in the app. You can choose the TV shows, web series and Animes series you watch or want to watch from the ‘Explore‘ section. They all will appear in the ‘Watchlist‘. The important one is the ‘Following‘ section. Here, you will see the list of all upcoming episodes with date, timing and the countdown of hours or days. The app also notifies you when a new episode is released.

App link: Android

3. SeriesGuide – Show & Movie Manager

SeriesGuide – Best Show & Movie Manager

SeriesGuide has more than one million downloads on Play Store. There are separate sections for movies and shows. You can see the recently released episodes and the episodes that are about to get released. You can add them as events to your Google Calendar from there itself. The shows or episodes that you have watched can be marked and they will appear in the ‘History’ section.

The app also lists the movies that are running in theatres currently. By tapping on them, you can read about the film, see the ratings and know about the cast and crew too.

It is a user-friendly app as you can also set the language for the content you want. You can choose from English, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian etc. There is also the option for weekly backup shows and movies in case you don’t want to lose the track when you change your device.

App link: Android

4. Next Episode

Next Episode - Best ios android app to track tv shows and movies

This a nice app with easy to use interface. When you open the app, you should go to the ‘MORE‘ section first. All the treasure is hidden there. The movies and the shows are listed there under categories like ‘Upcoming Movies’, ‘Hot Movies’, ‘Trending Shows’, ‘Upcoming Shows’, ‘Recommended for you’ etc. Once you open the categories, the TV shows can further be reached by tapping on dedicated tags like Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Animation etc.

To track the shows, you have to open the show by tapping and star them. The about to be aired episodes list will start appearing on the homepage under the ‘RECENT‘ section. By opening them, you can see the name of the episode, timing, channel name, countdown timer etc.

App link: Android/iOS

5. TV Series – Your Shows Manager

TV Series - Your shows manager

This is a different app to keep track of tv shows and movies to watch and already watched. Explore the shows from the vast genres available and follow them. There is a calendar section in the app where you will be notified about the episodes that you can watch in coming days. You can mark the watched episodes and track your viewing progress.

You can see many details about the shows like ratings, history, plot, actors also read the news. There is a ‘Social’ section to comment about the show.

App link: Android

6. TV Show Favs

TV Show Favs - free tv shows tracker app android

Another free tv series tracking app on Android. You will get recommendations about the popular series of the day, and the week. You can star them and add your favorites. They will appear in a different tab on the bottom i.e ‘Shows‘. You can see the list of upcoming episodes in the ‘Schedule‘ tab with the channel and episode name and timing. The ‘To Do’ tab lets you see the progress you have made in all the series.

App link: Android

7. TV Show Tracker – Trakt client

TV Show Tracker - Trakt client TVST

This app is powered by a website called Trakt to manage your TV shows. Trakt is a platform which follows your activities regarding TV shows and the movies you watch by integrating with your media devices.

It is comparatively a new app with a clean design. The app lets you discover and follow trending TV shows from the ‘Suggestions’ section. The calendar in the app will give you all the details about the show like remaining days, timing and the platform where you can watch the show. From the settings, you can choose when you will be notified about the aired episode.

There is a section in the app called ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU’. There you can track your information like completed shows, the number of episodes, minutes, shows watched, etc. and how much you have to watch more.

App link: Android

Best Apps To Track TV Shows Or Movies

So, never miss the TV show you are crazy about, with the help of these apps for Android & iPhone/iPad. All of these apps are free and may ask you to pay for additional features or removing ads. I found all the apps very good and it is very difficult to choose one. Share this article and tell us in the comments if you know any other awesome app that exists for this purpose.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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