How To Easily Turn Emails Into Tasks in Gmail

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You try to avoid it, but sooner or later it’s going to end up happening. Many have tried but few have succeeded. I’m referring to the idea of trying not to turn your inbox into a second to-do list.  But, you have to sign the documents your lawyer sent you. Then there are the documents your co-worker sent. To make the Email stand out, you may even add a star to it. The problem with that is that it’ll get lost among the dozens of other Emails that also have stars on them. So now what? Now it’s time to install a free Chrome app that can solve the problem by helping you to turn Emails into tasks in Gmail.

Convert Emails into to-do tasks list

Turn Emails Into Tasks/To-Do Lists

Google likes to keep their users happy, and you can tell by the large variety of Chrome extensions they have to offer. One of them is this one Handle for Gmail and Google Apps.

Creating a task from an Email is as easy as pressing the T key on your keyboard. But, first, you need to have open the Email you want to turn into a task. A Pop-up window will appear, and it’s going to have all the information the Email you opened had.

Turn Emails Into Tasks

You’re basically transferring all the content in the Email to Handle. So, if someone were to Email you a long list of instructions you need to follow or documents you need to review before a certain day you’ll have all the information at hand.

At the bottom, you’ll also have the options to add a reminder, add a due date, add to project and add notes. You’ll need to remember to add the reminder to your new Email task since the extension won’t do it for you.  Once the Email information has been added, don’t forget to click on save.

You’ll be able to tell the difference between tasks you create and Email that you turn into a task by the envelope icon on the side. If you place the mouse cursor over the task, you’ll see the option to be reminded today or to set your own custom reminder.

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All The Goodies Handle Has to Offer

You’ll be able to see it with your other Chrome extensions and to the right of the search bar in Gmail. By clicking on the Chrome extension icon, a small pop-up will appear asking you what you want to do today.

Turn an Email Into a To-Do Task

At the bottom, you’ll see four icons. You’ll see an add a reminder, add a due date, move to project and add notes to your task. If you want a reminder, you can either choose from the already available times such as today, tomorrow, next week, next weekend or create a custom date and time.

Location-Based Reminders

Since most of us check our Email on your mobile devices, it also has an option to remind you of a task depending on your location.

By clicking on the Handle icon in Gmail, you’ll gain access to everything the extension has to offer. For example, you’ll find a list of all the tasks you ever created and if you ever need to make any changes to it, just click on it and modify.

How to Create Task from Email in Gmail

To cross off a task, just click on the circle. To search through all your tasks, you have the search bar to help you out. You’ll also notice that the Handle icon will turn into three icons; Full view, split view and close.

How to Add Reminders to Emails

In split view, you’ll see your tasks to the right and your inbox to the left. When you click on the full view icon, you get to see absolutely everything at a glance. You get to see your To-Do’s and any that have due dates, that are unscheduled, completed and you can create a new one as well.

Under the To-Do’s you’ll also see your projects, location reminders, and your calendar. In the Middle, all your tasks will be listed, and to the right, you see the calendar entry that whatever day it is at the time.

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With the Handle Chrome extension, you can say goodbye to forgetting to review the documents. You’ll always be on top of your Emails tasks without having to waste time looking through the sea of Email in your inbox.

It’s a Chrome extension that will be staying on my browser. I found it vert useful, and I know it will prevent me from forgetting to review an Email. Do you think that you’ll give the Chrome extension a try? Don’t forget to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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  1. Seems really interesting, I’d give a try. Right now we use another Chrome app, though, So far it seems ok, I’d like to know your thoughts on it, too.


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