TuneIn Alternatives: 7 Best Radio Apps For Android And iOS

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TuneIn is one of those apps which started as terrific but eventually degraded to a point where it wasn’t worth it. Whether if it’s annoying “unknown stream error” in the middle of your feed or the app shuts down by itself. Maybe you are just tired of too many ads in between of listening to your favorite podcasts or you just can’t stand the internet connection issue even when you have a highly stable internet connection. Coming to the different side of the coin, TuneIn provides a great user interface and car mode which still makes it one of the best radio app for both Android and iOS platforms. Still, there’s no harm in trying different app once in a while. So, here are the best TuneIn alternatives you can try.

Best TuneIn Alternative Apps

1. Radio Online


radio online

This is the simplest and easiest app to use so far. Ads are minimal and their placement is at the top where it doesn’t distract as much as it does in TuneIn. Apart from the easy and user-friendly interface you can also set the sleep timer and sit back and enjoy listening to your favorite stations. You can choose your country to get access to local stations. Its fast access to radio stations is what sets it apart from different competitors. This app works exceptionally fast while surfing through different channels. It also provides in-app purchases to access premium features.

Compatible with Android and iOS

2. Simple Radio

By Streema, Inc.

simple radio android app

Providing one-touch access to its users, Simple Radio app is as the name suggests ‘simple’ and hence one of the best TuneIn alternatives. After launching this app on your device, you can either switch between your favorites or recommended channels. Finding and reaching out to your preferred station has never been so simpler.

When it comes to buffering, this app is definitely most reliable of all radio apps out there. It offers more than 40,000 stations and provides effective updates regularly. Adding channels to favorites is pretty easy by just touching the star icon in the music player screen. You can also search for radio stations.

Compatible with Android and iOS

3. Radio FM

By Radio FM

best radio apps - radiofm

For a free service, this app provides a ton of features to its users. You can select your country to browse your local stations. It is also possible to browse stations depending upon different genre in Genre tab. There’s a favorites section just like all other radio apps. Support inbox is also available once you log in with your credentials.

The Recent tab is also provided if you want to reconnect with previously connected stations. You can even chat with other listeners. Apart from these features, they have also provided sleeper and alarm mode. Alarm mode is great for those who do not want to miss any big news and event or program that they love.

If you are still not impressed with this app then try posting your query in the review section in Play Store. The app developers try to revert back in time which shows how much they value their customers. Plus, it’s a free app.

Compatible with Android and iOS

4. XiiaLive

By Visual Blasters LLC

xiialive - best tunein alternatives

XiiaLive isn’t quite famous as compared to other apps but it’s slowly making its way to the top. It has an inbuilt music equalizer to give the desired beats. There’s also the possibility to back up your favorite channels. Moreover, this app offers a plethora of settings. For example, in App Control, Headset unplug is enabled which turns off playback when you unplug your headphones. This app provides its users a better control over music player settings. You can also connect your different devices using Bluetooth.

The user interface is really cool and ads are minimal. Although it’s a bit tricky to add favorites, I am sure that issue will be fixed in upcoming updates. This app offers more than 50,000 stations which gives you a wide range of variety.

Compatible with Android only

5. AccuRadio

By AccuRadio

TuneIn Alternatives - accuradio

Another free app which is as good as any other paid apps. Ads will be there but are not distracting and after all, it’s a free app. It also provides favorites and same features as other radio apps. Let’s not get into that part. For me personally, the way they have categorized music into so many different Genres is remarkable. I just love so many music styles to choose from.

In addition, it also provides you the luxury to ban an artist or ban a song from a channel. The user can even rate each and every song. Anyone will hardly face any internet connection issue while using this app.

Compatible with Android and iOS

6. Pandora

By Pandora

Pandora Radio app

Besides being a free app it provides the biggest library and stations to pick your music from. You also get recommendations from the app itself based on the song which you are already playing. Basically, this app only plays those songs which you love.

Coming to the cons, this app is available only in the U.S. currently and this may sound nitpicking but you are allowed to only skip six songs in an hour. Any more than that and you are stuck with a trashy song.

Compatible with Android and iOS

7. Jango Radio

By jango.com

jango - TuneIn alternative apps

I was saving the best one for the last. When it comes to music, I like to have my playlist ready on the go instead of browsing through so many different channels. Jango offers just that which makes it the best TuneIn alternative.

Just head to Trending or top stations tabs in the explore category to see for yourself. Only small single ad pop up in the middle of the screen. Stations which you have played will be saved in my stations. There’s no skip limit. Play anything you want. It is a free app with a great user interface. Even the loading screen looks cool.

They just need to fix the slow skipping speed between switching different songs.

Compatible with Android and iOS


So, these were our best picks for TuneIn alternatives you can use. If it is up to me then I would definitely recommend Jango Radio as its more appealing than the rest of the apps. In general,  I would like to advise a free app over any premium app. There’s no point in spending your money when the end result is not much different. Of course, you can go for a premium app if you just can’t stand any ads.

What’s your pick? Do let us know in the comments below.

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