How to make Windows 10 Boot faster with this Useful Guide

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Follow this ultimate guide to speed up Windows 10 Boot Time. Use the tips mentioned and know how to make Windows 10 boot faster by increasing the startup speed. If you are a Windows 7 user then follow our guide to Speed Up Windows 7.

How to make Windows 10 Boot Faster

When you first got your computer, you were just so impressed with how fast it booted. With your old computer, you probably had time to get a cup of coffee and even make yourself a sandwich and still get back in time. Unfortunately, with time you start to add so many software´s that the startup time slows down.

Now, your Windows 10 computer is not as fast as it once was when you turned it on and you don´t know how to fix it. Before you fall into a spiral of depression, let me tell you that there´s hope. By following this easy to understand guide, you can improve your Windows 10 startup time.

How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Startup Time

The first thing you need to do is to click on the Start button and click on Settings. Scroll down and look for the Power & Sleep option and all the way at the bottom select Additional power settings.



Towards your left, you are going to see a series of choices, but you want to choose the one that says Choose what the power button does.

Easily Improve Boot Time for Windows 10


In Shutdown Settings, click on Turn on fast startup and don´t forget to save your changes.

Improve W10 Boot Time


How to Disable Programs Using the Startup Manager

You know that your boot time is slow, but which programs are slowing your computer down? You can easily find out by using the Startup Manager. The fastest way to access the Startup Manager is by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing  Task Manager.

how to access startup manager on windows 10


When the Task Manager appears, it´s not going to start on the right tab. Choose the Startup tab, and you will see all the software´s that might be slowing down your computer. These software´s are divided into different sections.

how to access the startup tab in task manager windows 10


You will see the Name, Publisher, Status, and Startup Impact. The tab that interests you is the last one. Each program will either have a low, medium, or high impact on your startup time.

See which programs you can live without at startup and disable them. You can do that (disable) by right-clicking on the program you want to disable to choosing Disable. Selecting the program and them click on Disable in the bottom right will get the job done as well.

You may also come across programs that say  ¨Not measured¨. This just means that the software was recently added and Windows 10 hasn´t had a chance to see how much of an impact it is having on your boot time. Check back after a few days. Hopefully, you will see something then.

What Software´s You Should Think Twice About Disabling

There are programs that you know are not needed at startup. For example, I disabled Dashlane since it´s not crucial for my computer´s startup time. You might not be sure what to disable when it comes to system utilities and software´s that are driver related that came with your Windows 10 computer.

Some of those programs are not necessary for startup, but I would recommend that you do some research before disabling anything. It doesn´t have to be an extensive research, but just enough so you know what you are dealing with.

If you right-click on the program and choose Search online, a tab on your default browser will open with information on the program you want to know more about. The Open File location options is also a useful option since it will tell you which .exe file might be slowing down your startup time.

how to disable bloatware on windows 10


How to Make Your Windows 10 Computer Boot in Less Than 20 Seconds

If you´re willing to spend a little extra cash, you can get your computer to boot in less than 20 seconds. How? By getting an SSD! By getting an SSD and the Windows installation is on it, you can enjoy a boot time of fewer than 20 seconds. It all depends on your budget, but if you don´t mind waiting that little extra time, you should be OK with the tips I mentioned.

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I have to have to admit it, but it´s us the user that makes our Windows 10 computer boot more slowly. I didn´t mean to slow up my Windows 10 boot time, but I need all those Software’s at startup. Oh well, at least I have time to get a cup of coffee and see how my mom´s doing by calling her. Do you think that you will give the tips a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

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