Freeletics Review: Who Needs A Gym To Get Fit

Freeletics Review

With today’s fast pacing environment and so much pressure, any of us hardly have the time to get a gym membership. So is there any workaround available? Yes, this where an app like Freeletics can help you to reach your fitness goals. Check out our review to know all about it. Freelitics is a program which … Read more

7 Best Self-Improvement Apps To Install Right Now

Best Self-Improvement Apps

What do you think self-improvement is all about? It is not about waiting to start on a Monday or waiting for the new year to start just so you can ruin your resolution after days. It is about starting right now. You don’t have to wait for motivation to hit you. Instead, find ways to motivate yourself. … Read more

TuneIn Alternatives: 7 Best Radio Apps For Android And iOS

TuneIn Alternatives - Best Radio apps

TuneIn is one of those apps which started as terrific but eventually degraded to a point where it wasn’t worth it. Whether if it’s annoying “unknown stream error” in the middle of your feed or the app shuts down by itself. Maybe you are just tired of too many ads in between of listening to your … Read more

Transform Your Snaps: Learn How To Loop Snapchat Videos with Our Video Tutorial For Android And iPhone!

Make and send Looping Videos on Snapchat

Have you ever used Instagram’s Boomerang and wanted to use the same on Snapchat? Well, both Boomerang and looping videos are pretty similar. The only difference is the video direction. In Instagram’s Boomerang, the video switches its direction back and forth as soon as it ends. In contrast, Snapchat’s looping video keeps moving forward until … Read more