AirDroid Alternative: 10 Best File Transfer/Sharing Apps

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AirDroid, which lets you manage and access your Android device from Windows PC, Mac and from the web. AirDroid is mentioned in the top technology websites like PCWorld, LifeHackers, and many others. Without a doubt, it has great features to access and transfer files. But if you are facing some issues or looking for a similar app like AirDroid then I have covered 10 best AirDroid alternative apps for you.

I saw a lot of comments on Google Play Store from AirDroid users about the problems they are facing. Some are having issues with the latest update and some users commented that they had battery life issues while using the app. However, you do not have to worry as there are tons of similar apps like AirDroid.

10 AirDroid Alternative Apps for Android and iPhone

1) AirMore

best alternatives to airdroid - airmore

AirMore is seen as one of the best AirDroid alternatives for iPhone and Android devices. It lets you transfer pictures, video clips and other data between your Android device and the PC wirelessly. Apart from file sharing, it allows you to stream media files directly from your device without transferring it.

Android users have added advantage of using AirMore as it lets you reflect your Android screen to a PC to enjoy games and videos on a big screen.

Apart from Android and iOS, AirDroid is supported in Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

Link: Android/iOS

2) SuperBeam

for faster file sharing -super beam


SuperBeam lets you share files using NFC or QR code. This app is known for its speed to transfer files using WiFi direct. Various themes are available in this app for better user experience.

If you go with the pro version of SuperBeam, you will get rid of the Ads. You will be able to send files to more than one device at a time. You can have unlimited history records and many more features.

Link: Android

3) PushBullet

app to share files on pc or mac -pushbullet

Another alternative you can go for is PushBullet. Same like other apps it lets you transfer files quickly and send messages directly from the desktop using a keyboard for faster speed.

With Pushbullet you can also see all your smartphone notifications on PC. The syncing is so good that if you try to clear the notification from your computer it will be dismissed on phone also.

You have to make the purchase in order to use In-App products to enjoy premium features.

Link: Android/iOS

4) AirStream

top alternatives of airdroid - airstream

It is a good alternative to AirDroid but the downside of this is that it is not available for iOS platform. You need to have on the same WiFi network in order to perform file transferring and accessing media files.

Apart from file sharing, it allows you to access cloud apps like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Link: Android(App is removed from Play Store)

5) Xender

transfer files fast like airdroid -xender

Xender secured its place in the list of AirDroid alternative apps list. It claims to have transfer speed 200 times of Bluetooth sharing speed. You can transfer files of unlimited size wirelessly without the internet connection.

If you want to use the web tool of Xender, you just need to scan the QR code and you are good to go.

Link: Android/iOS

6) SHAREit

app to make Android mirror on desktop for presentation-share it

SHAREit is more like the AirDroid app. It provides the seamless experience and claims the highest speed up to 20M/s. Besides sharing files, you can directly control PPT from your phone for easier presentation. It has more than 600 Million users.

One of the shortcomings of SHAREit is that you need to reopen the connection if you want the new transfer of files.

Link: Android/iOS

7) Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

app to share files among devices -samsung

If you are a Samsung Android user then you can go with this app to share files. It lets you transfer content wirelessly and even with a cable. Galaxy S2 is facing incompatibility issues, so if you are having the same problem then you try after updating the firmware.

Samsung Galaxy S7/S8 users no need to install this app as it comes preloaded in them.

Link: Android

8) Mighty Text

similar app like airdroid -mighty text

If you are looking AirDroid alternative for sending SMS & MMS text messages from your Windows desktop, tablet or a Mac then Mighty Text is the best option for you. Checking every time you receive a message can really make an impact your productivity.

Not just text messages notifications, you will receive notifications on your laptop for others apps as well like WhatsApp, Snapchat and others. It also alerts you if your phone is running out of battery.

It has many other useful features which actually saves time and increases productivity.

Link: Android

9) Samba

transfer files using android app -samba

Using Samba you can drag and drop in order to copy files to Android device or vice versa. Samba is available for only Android users.

There are a couple of cons of Samba. One is, the Android app is not updated from a long time. The latest update available is from June 2014. Another downside is the design and user experience is not that rich if compared to other apps.

Link: Android

10) Vysor

same app like airdroid -vysor

Vysor is the last alternative to AirDroid in the list. It gives you control of your Android device on PC. When you want to explain anything which is on your cell phone, in a meeting, then Vysor can help you out by projecting the Android screen on the laptop or a projector.

In all its a good alternative to create a mirror of your Android device on your desktop.

Link: Android

I hope some of the app matches your requirement, the reason you were looking for AirDroid alternative apps. If you have any other similar apps to share with us, do let us know via comments.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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