Airbnb Tips And Tricks For Hosts And Guests

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Airbnb, as you may know, is an online platform for offering homestays, lodging, and tourism experiences.

The Airbnb users are classified into two categories, the Hosts and the Guest. The hosts are the people who list their property on Airbnb to provide lodging and homestays services.

While a guest is one who books these listings for their holidays, travel and tourism. Airbnb is beneficial for both the hosts and guests as it helps the host to make some money from their listings.

On the other hand, it allows the guests to book a property at a cheaper price than a hotel. However, if you are new to Airbnb then you should know some tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of it.

Airbnb Tips And Tricks

These Tips and Tricks will help the hosts to get more bookings and five-star ratings. And most probably would help them earn the Superhost status. While it will help the guests to save money by booking the best place at cheaper prices.

Tips For Owners/Hosts

Be Flexible: The first and foremost tip to be a better host is to be flexible with your listings. If your guest is not punctual enough then you can give them flexible check-in and check-out timings. This will help your guest in a big way and they will definitely leave with a good impression of yours.

Email Your Guests: It is a good practice to email your guests at intervals during their stay to check if they need any help or just to ask if they liking the stay or not. You can email them before check-in, during their stay, and after check-out.

Receive Your Guest Personally: You can take some time off your day to greet your guests personally on their check-in and give them a quick tour of your property. It will foster your chances of getting good reviews from your guests.

Respond To Every Message: This is a very important tip in order to get the Superhost status as it is necessary to have a response rate of at least 90% in order to get the Superhost status. Respond to the cancellation messages as well, this will increase the chances of the guest booking your listings next time.

Keep Your Space Clean And Decorative: Well this is a very basic tip you should follow if you are in the hospitality business. Keep your place neat and clean and your guest will definitely like it. Well, who doesn’t like a clean and decorative space? And modern devices can help you with the cleaning task.

Promote Your Neighbourhood:  If there’s something special about your place like a famous food joint, adventure park, tracking, etc. Then you should definitely promote it through your listings as it will help attract guests to it.

Give Special Offers: One of the most trusted business strategies to attract more eyeballs is to give special offers. You can try this with your Airbnb listings as well. Give your guest OFF on weekly and monthly bookings and you will definitely see an increment in your bookings.

Meet Other Host: You can actually meet other hosts in your vicinity to learn from them. You can ask them how they manage their listings and their strategy to keep the guests satisfied.

Ask For Feedback: Last but certainly not the least, ask your guest to leave a review on your Airbnb listing based on their experience. Because it’s the reviews that help other guests to make their mind whether or not to book your place.

Tips For Guests

Verify Host’s Profile: Before booking any listing it is ideal to check the host’s profile and verify it. Only book the listing if you find that the host is genuine. Or else you can skip to some other listings.

Make Specific Searches: You can search for your desired listings by selecting your destination, your check-in and check-out time. You can also filter the search results by the number of guests. This will save you a lot of time and help you book the perfect space as per your requirements.

Focus On The Pictures: While booking a place you can look at the pictures of the listing to make a better idea about the space you are going to book. Good hosts always try to put the best pictures of their listing on Airbnb. So, looking at pictures carefully you can make the decision whether you want to book this property or not.

Research About The Location: Do research about the locality in which you are going to book a property. If you book a listing without doing any research then you can end up booking a place that is far off from the city. So, it’s better to do a little research about the location prior to booking.

Mind The Cancellation Policy: The cancellation policy is an important factor that you should consider before booking a listing. Once booked a place, if you change your mind or due to some other reasons you want to cancel your booking then this policy will come in handy. Never go for a listing that has no proper cancellation policy.

Contact The Host: If you face any issue while booking a place or you have some queries about the listings then you can directly contact the host. This will also help you know the host personally before booking their place.

Negotiate The Price: Unlike hotel bookings, there’s always room for a little bargaining on Airbnb. You can contact the host and ask for some negotiation on the price, you can also ask them to apply some special offers on their listings.

Use The App: Once you have booked your listing from the website, it’s better to use the Airbnb iOS app or Airbnb Android app for fast communication with the host. It’s not possible to use the laptop or desktop every time to communicate with the host. That’s why you should download the app and use it on the go.


So these were a few tips and tricks that you can use to make the most out of Airbnb. If you are a new host on Airbnb then guest satisfaction should be your prime objective and only then you can become the Superhost.

Also, these tips can help you in a great way to be a better host. If you are a guest then following these tips can help you book a perfect place for your vacation.

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Ankit is a tech enthusiast and loves to write. He is also very keen on gadgets and smartphones. Likes to read tech blogs and gain as much knowledge as he can.

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