Airbnb Tips And Tricks For Hosts And Guests

Airbnb Tips And Tricks For Hosts And Guests

Airbnb, as you may know, is an online platform for offering homestays, lodging, and tourism experiences. The Airbnb users are classified into two categories, the Hosts and the Guest. The hosts are the people who list their property on Airbnb to provide lodging and homestays services. While a guest is one who books these listings … Read more

How To List Your Property On Airbnb

How To List Your Property On Airbnb

If you want to get into the hospitality business then what’s better place than Airbnb? If you are looking to rent your property or apartment then you should definitely list it on Airbnb. Since Airbnb has millions of users worldwide, your listing will get global attention. Moreover, you will be hosting guests from all over … Read more

How To Write A Review On Airbnb

Just like any other online platform, reviews are an essential part of Airbnb. Positive reviews on listings help boost the guest’s confidence to book a particular listing while negative reviews can create a doubt in their mind. Unlike most other online platforms where the customer only gets to review, on Airbnb, both the customer i.e. … Read more

How To Change Airbnb Password

It is a good habit to change your password at regular intervals in order to prevent your account from getting hacked. The same goes for Airbnb as well. If you are an Airbnb user then you should definitely update your password regularly in order to keep your account secure. However, if you have forgotten your … Read more

How To Delete Airbnb Account

Airbnb is a short form of It is currently one of the best online marketplaces for offering and arranging homestays, lodging and tourism experience. However, due to some reason if you are not happy with their services or you have found some better alternatives to Airbnb then you can deactivate or permanently delete your … Read more

How To Change Currency In Airbnb

Airbnb is a worldwide platform and therefore it supports all the major global currencies. You can select your national currency as your default currency which is then used to show the prices on the Airbnb app and website. However, if you visit a new country and want to see the prices in their local currency … Read more