How To Add Friends On Discord With or Without Discord Tag Or Number

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There are a lot of reasons for someone to join a platform like Discord. But most people join it to be a part of different servers so that they can communicate with a bunch of like-minded people. And when you find someone interesting on Discord, then what’s the first thing that you should do? Well, you should hit them with a friend request to add them as your friend on Discord.

When you add someone as your Discord friend, you can directly send them a message, or do a screen share without getting back to the mutual server. You can add friends to create your own community, which will later benefit you when you create your own Discord server. However, if you’re new on Discord, it can be a little hard to understand how you can add friends on Discord. But no worries, we are going to discuss different methods with which you can easily do that with or without Discord tag or number on your computer and your mobile phone.

So, just hop on with us on this ride for becoming a pro on Discord.

Add Friends On Discord – Windows PC And Mac

Discord knows how important it is for the users to add friends on their platform. That is why they’ve made it easy by providing us with three methods to do that.

1. By Username And DiscordTag

This is the very first and very common method used on Discord to add friends. And if you want to add friends using this method, then you should be well aware of their username and DiscordTag. On Discord, every user’s identity is described by a unique four-digit Discord number along with their username. And this tag always contains the ‘#’ symbol. So, a Discord Tag is a combination of 3 things in the following order:

  1. Username
  2. ‘#’ Symbol
  3. Unique four-digit Discord number

How To See Someone’s Discord Tag?

If you are unaware of someone’s Discord Tag, then it’ll be hard to add them as a friend using this method. But fortunately, learning someone’s Discord tag is not that difficult, provided you’ve seen them somewhere on chat or on any server’s member list. And if that’s so, then you just have to find them there again and click on their profile picture to disclose their Discord Tag. And if you know them personally, then you can simply ask them for those details.

Discord tag and username

And as soon as you’re done with that, copy or remember their username and follow these steps to add them as your friend:

1. Open your current friends’ list on Discord by clicking on the ‘Friends’ option on the left side of the screen.

Friends list

2. Now, you’ll see your entire friends’ list subcategorized into categories like Online, All, Pending, and Blocked. Along with these categories, you’ll see the ‘Add Friend’ Option. Click on it.

add friends on Discord

3. Finally, just input their Discord Tag in the box and click on ‘Send Friend Request’ option.

send friend request

Now they just have to accept your friend request and tada! They’ll be added to your Discord friends’ list.

2. By User’s Profile To Add Someone Without Discord Tag Or Number

In this method, all you have to do is open the complete profile of the user to send them a friend request. This is comparatively shorter than the first method we’ve discussed. And that is because, for this, you can add someone on Discord without tag or number.

1. The very first thing you have to do is find the user’s profile and click on their profile picture, as you did to disclose someone’s Discord Tag.

2. Now, you’ll see the user’s details like their roles and Discord Tag. Just take your cursor on their profile photo and click on the View Profile option appearing on the photo itself.

discord user profile

Note: You can also right-click on their photo to see the profile option.

3. When you’re on the user’s profile, you’ll see the ‘Send Friend Request’ option. Just click on it to get the thing done.

add someone on Discord without number

3. By Right Click

This is the last and quickest method to add someone as your friend on Discord. In this method, all you have to do is right-click on the profile picture of a person to open the menu. In the menu, you’ll see the ‘Add Friend’ option. Click on it to add them as your friend.

add someone on discord without Discord tag

Add Someone On Discord – Android And iOS

Adding Friends on Discord mobile phone app is also really easy and doesn’t require much work. There are 3 methods and all of them work quite similarly for both Android and iOS. So you can follow these methods to add friends on either of the platforms.

1. Add Friends On Discord Without Tag Or Number From User Profile

If you want to send a friend request to someone by visiting their Discord profile, then follow these easy steps:

1. First, launch the Discord app on your smartphone and start looking for that person’s profile.

  •  If you had a chat with that person on a server, then simply look for them in the chat.
  •  However, you can also look for that person in the member list of that server. And to open the member list, just get to the server and tap on the Members icon on the top right corner of the screen.Discord server member list

2. Now, if you found the member, then tap on that member’s profile picture to open their details.

Discord user menu

3. After this, scroll down a little bit and tap on the Profile option. (Note: Here, you’ll also be able to see their Discord Tag)

user profile

4. Finally, you’ll see the “Add Friend” option on their profile. Just tap on it.

how to add friends on Discord from phone

2. By Discord Tag

Once you have the Discord Tag using the method above you can follow the given steps to add someone using their Discord Tag on mobile:

1. First, open the Discord menu by tapping on the Hamburger icon on the top left corner of the screen and then tap on the ‘Friends’ option.

Access friends tab on mobile

2. On the Friends tab, click on the Add Friend icon on the top right corner of the screen.

add friends icon

3. Now, just input their Discord Tag in the box and tap on the SEND option.

discord friend request

3. Using Nearby Scanning

In the second method, when you’ll be on the screen where you have to input someone’s Discord Tag, you’ll see the ‘Start Nearby Scanning’ option at the bottom of the screen.

Discord nearby scanning

This option can also be used to add friends, provided the person you’re trying to add is using the Discord app sitting close to you. Also, both of you should start nearby scanning simultaneously to see each other’s profile.

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What Is DiscordTag?

A DiscordTag is the identity of a user on Discord. It is a combination of 3 things i.e, Username, # symbol, and a unique four-digit Discord Tag number.

How To See Someone's DiscordTag?

If you have seen that particular user in a chat or on a server's member list, then you just have to click on their profile picture to see their DiscordTag.

How To Add People On Discord?

You can add people on Discord using their DiscordTag. You can also add them without the Tag or number by going directly to their profile, provided you can see them somewhere on Discord.

How Many Friends Can You Add On Discord?

The maximum limit for the number of friends, combined with the number of requests you've sent is set to 1000.

Wrapping Up

That’s it. Now, you’ll be able to add someone as your Discord friend from your PC and your mobile phone without any confusion. There are different methods which will let you do that, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow any particular method. Instead, you can get command on each and every method to fully enjoy using Discord.

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