How To Insert A PDF Into A Word Document In Three Different Ways

How to insert a PDF into a Word document

You’re working on a report in Word when you realize a PDF you have would fit in perfectly. What do you do? Copy and paste the whole thing? No way! There are better methods, each with its own advantages.  Though PDFs and Word documents are different file types, there are ways to combine them. In … Read more

How to Remove Metadata From PDF In Three Different Ways

How to remove metadata from PDF

To remove PDF metadata, open the file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Go to File > Save as Other > Optimized PDF. Set Settings to Custom. In the boxes below, uncheck everything except Discard User Data and Discard document information and metadata. Click OK and save the PDF. You’re about to share a PDF when … Read more

Top 7 Best Edit PDF Software For Mac And Windows That You Will Really Like

Best Edit PDF Software Windows Mac

Editing a PDF file isn’t that easy as compared to Word files or images. In simple PDF readers like Adobe PDF Reader, you can only highlight the text with different colors and attach comments with the text. But for other purposes, you need some dedicated software to edit PDF files that can add, remove, or … Read more