Top 7 Smallest Monitors That Will Amaze You

Are you looking for very small monitors to save money? Or is it just that you have a great craze for small gadgets. One can also look for mini monitors just to save some space on their working table. Whatever the reason is, we are here with another awesome list of smallest gadgets that are available today. These are the smallest monitors which can be used for various purposes.

Smallest Monitors For PC, Mac, PS4 And Car Cameras

1. UCTRONICS TFT LCD With Touch Pen For Raspberry Pi 3

UCTRONICS 3.5 - smallest monitor for Raspberry Pi 3

It is the smallest monitor with a screen size of just 3.5 inches. It supports Raspberry computers only like Raspberry Pi 3 Mode B+, 3 Mode B, Pi 2 Model B, Pi Zero and Pi B+. There is no HDMI port to connect to another device, instead, it uses SPI  (serial peripheral interface).

This TFT LCD display monitor comes with a touch pen. The price of the product is really low and there are mixed reviews about this product on Amazon.

Screen Size3.5 inches
Screen Resolution480x320 pixels
Total dimensions2.76 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches


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2. Aketek 4.3 Inch LCD TFT Rearview Monitor screen

smallest monitor - Aketek 4.3 Inch LCD TFT Rearview Monitor screen for Car Backup Camera

A tiny monitor to install in your car. It is the smallest monitor designed to be connected with your car’s camera. The monitor is available at low cost and still gives a clear picture with stable performance. It will be really helpful in preventing accidents while reversing the car. You can also connect it to other devices like DVDs to watch videos and even play games.

Screen Size4.3 inches
Screen Resolution480(H) x RGB x 272(V)
Total dimensions 3.98 x 5.24 x 1.97 inches

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3. Toguard Ultra-thin Monitor

best mini monitor - Toguard 7 Inch Ultra-thin 1024x600

This is the best mini Monitor with all the necessary features you are looking for. The bright saturation screen with high resolution produces a good quality picture. It is very portable and can be used for a lot of purposes. There are many input ports like AV/RCA, VGA, HDMI so it can be used as a PC monitor, Raspberry PI monitor, CCTV security monitor,  car back monitor, monitor for your camera, mini TV screen etc.

It has multi-functional touch buttons on the monitor as well as a remote. You can even rotate the screen from the menu and control brightness too. It also has inbuilt speakers. This slim design monitor is also energy efficient and designed to meet environmental standards.

Screen Size7 inches
Screen Resolution1024 x 600 pixels
Total dimensions7 x 4.6 x 0.3 inches
Price $59.99

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4. Lilliput 7-inch USB LCD Video Monitor UM70 (UM-70)

Mini LCD monitor with good resolution - Lilliput 7-inch USB Video Monitor

It is the most portable small screen size LCD monitor. It is compatible with your Windows and Mac PC. There is no requirement for additional power adaptors, as it uses the power from connected device through USB. This monitor is best suitable for people who have to work on 2 screens at a time. you can use it in both portrait and landscape mode. 

Screen Size7 inches
Screen Resolution800 x 480
Total dimensions1 x 7.75 x 4.75 inches

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5. Lancevon Small Portable Monitor Display Screen

Smallest monitor for PC - Lancevon- 7 inch Small Portable HDMI Monitor

It is one of the best smallest monitors with HDMI inputs and excellent resolution screen. This monitor is compatible with Windows OS and can serve for other tasks as well. It supports HDMI, VGA  and AV input. So, you can use this monitor for car rearview cameras or CCTV surveillance camera or other video equipment. It has some good reviews on Amazon.

Screen Size 7 inches.
Screen Resolution1024 x 600

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6. ALON CCTV Monitor With Remote Control

ALON 8 inch mini LCD Monitor - smallest monitor for PC

If you are looking for a little bigger screen than the smallest one and also better screen resolution, this is the one you should go for. This compact monitor has many input options including USB, VGA and HDMI. It also has built-in high-quality, dual speakers. It is compatible with your PC and DVD and best suited for vehicle display and CCTV surveillance purposes.

Screen Size8 Inches
Screen Resolution1024 x 768
Total dimensions1.57 x 7.87 x 6.3 inches

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7. Elecrow 11.6 Inch Display Monitor

Elecrow 11.6 Inch 1920X1080 LED Display Moniter - smallest monitor for PS3 PS4 XBOX

This is a mini LCD monitor and the most useful one in this list. This is probably the smallest monitor with 1920X1080 HD resolution. The monitor supports Windows PC, car audio and video, medical equipment display etc. It is also the smallest monitor for XBOX 360, PS3 and PS4.

It has VESA Wall Mount Pattern, so you can attach it to the wall like a TV and save some space on your desk. A small rack is also in the package, that can support the monitor if you don’t want to mount it on the wall.

Screen Size11.6 inches
Screen Resolution1920X1080
Total dimensions0.98 x 11.34 x 7.28 inches

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Often you need extra monitors for surveillance purposes, also while designing something, sound mixing, other multitasking etc. This list might help you in finding a good solution as per your requirement. If you need some smallest laptops or smallest keyboards, we have made a list of them as well. You can ask us any query regarding these gadgets in the comments.

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