How To Remove Watermark From PDF Online And Offline Using Simple Methods

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Imagine you are scrolling down the internet and you suddenly come across a PDF file that you find of some use for yourself. You open that PDF file and see a large irritating watermark attached to it. Although, it already spoiled your mood but you download that file anyways. Now whenever you open that PDF file, the only thing that comes to your mind is that, it would have been better if you were able to remove the watermark somehow. Or maybe add your own watermark to that PDF file.

Well, your wish has come true. Using simple yet useful software like MS Word and Google Docs, you can easily remove the watermark from any PDF file. Moreover, both of them are owned by Microsoft, so you don’t even need to make use of any untrusted sites. So let’s now learn how to achieve our goal.

Remove Watermark From PDF Files Using Google Docs

Add Files To Google Docs

Before starting with the editing of the file for removing the watermark, upload your file to Google Docs.

Remove Watermark From PDF file

Any image watermark that was attached to your PDF file will automatically be removed right after adding the file to Google Docs. Now the only thing left is the text watermark that appears above the main content of the PDF.

The text watermark that was not editable in the normal PDF readers becomes editable in Google Docs. To remove it, take the cursor to the text watermarks and simply press the backspace. Now do this for all the text watermarks.

remove watermark from PDF using Google Docs

Save The PDF File

The changes that you make in your PDF file are saved automatically. You can access your file whenever you want using Google Docs or Google Drive. If you want to download the edited Google Docs file as PDF locally on your device then it is also possible.

1. Click on the File in the menu bar.

2. Now hover on Download and select PDF Document (.pdf).

download pdf file

With this, the edited file will get locally downloaded and that too in PDF format.

Removing Watermark From PDF Using MS Word

Just like Google Docs, removing the watermarks from the PDF files using MS Word is also easy and quite a time saver. For removing the watermarks using MS Word, first, you need to convert the format of your files from PDF to Word. For that, you can make use of any online conversion software like Zamzar converter.

1. Launch MS Word on your desktop and select the Open option.

open file in MS Word

2. Now select the file that you recently converted to word format for removing the watermark.

3. Once the desired file is opened, head towards the Design menu at the top of the screen.

enable editing in MS Word

NOTE: If a statement, like the one shown above, appears on the screen, click on the Enable Editing. Otherwise, the editing options will not work. It is not necessary that the message will always appear.

4. Under the Design menu, you will see a Watermark option at the top right portion. Select it.

Word remove watermark option

3. Now click on the Remove Watermark at the bottom.

4. After that, select the watermark that you want to remove by simply clicking on it. Now press the delete or backspace option on your keyboard. Remove all the watermarks from your file, be it image watermark or text one, using the same method.

remove watermark from pdf

5. After removing the watermarks, click on the File menu at the top left of the screen for saving the file.

save word file

6. Finally, click on the Save As and select the location where you want to save your file.

save edited file on desktop

The saved file will be in Word format. You can use the Zamzar converter again to change the format of your file to PDF.

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Both methods are equally good and serve their purpose. But if you are unwilling to go online for removing watermarks, then you can opt for MS Word. And if you are don’t want to change the format of your PDF file then using Google Docs is the best choice for you. If you know any other software that can help in removing the watermarks easily, do let us know in the comment section.

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