10 Best Pirate Games To Escape Reality

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We all like adventures, so what could be better than sailing with your own ship and travel around the world. I feel very amused by the pirate movies and wish if I could actually be one. Wait, sailing around the world and looting other merchants ships for the lively hood is illegal. Well, these fantasies won’t work in real life but we can definitely play some amazing games to escape reality. For decades there have been several video games on pirates, developed for multiple gaming platforms. Recently we do have some pretty decent pirate games for smartphones as well. Let’s have a look at some of the best available games for Android and iPhone.

Best Pirate Games You Can Play

1. Pirate CodePirate Code

Initially, the game allows you to play in multiplayer mode. You can play in a fleet of 2,3 or 5 players and destroy the other enemy ships. Winning a game will let you open a different kind of chest. These contain various upgrades and gifts. Use them to make your ship more powerful and deadly. The upgrades give you enhanced armor, better cannons, and torpedo missiles.

You can choose a captain for your ship, each of them has a fearsome unique battle ability. Assigning the captain increases the battle power and destructive ability. They are generally locked and you have to complete different objectives to unlock them.

The gameplay is decent and has high-end graphics. Get into the circle and defeat the enemy fleet and make a total of 100 points to win the game. After the win, the game chooses MVP(Most Valuable Player) from the team, based on the kills. The game also gives you different quest missions for a specific time. Complete them to unlock the quest chest to receive valuables. You also get a league option, with each win the number of trophies you have will determine your league. Each league lasts for a week.

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2. The Pirate: Plague Of The DeadPlague of the Dead

This game is an open world pirate game. Play as the legendary pirate captain John Rackham and sail throughout the sea to explore and approach an objective in the free world. The game has an interactive story mode which lets you complete different missions. Revive the dead captains of the Flying gang, each of these captains will add different abilities to the ship. This game adds a dynamic day and night cycle to the gameplay and also has weather mode.

Move forward with your ship by raising the sails and complete the missions. The game adds a navigation system to explore the sea. You can also track your current location and use a monocular to locate other ships. Explore the sea and conquer cities and other ships, seek for hidden treasure. You can tap the hamburger menu from the left side of the screen to access the current task, achievements, captains, challenges, overview, and shops.

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 3. The Pirate: Caribbean Huntbest pirate games for android - Carribean Hunt

Sail through the heart of the Caribbean and explore places. This is the first addition to The Pirate game series, thus most of the features and gameplay are similar to the Plague Of The Dead mentioned above. The gameplay gives you a realistic sailing simulation, it has 2 unique sails to move sideways and forward. Build up your reputation by hiring crew members, smuggle goods and ferry people.

The game gives you mortars with 5 types of ammo like a cannonball, chain ball, grapeshot, and bombs. You also have special weapons like explosive barrels, burning oil, and battering rams. Increase your reputation throughout the nation by bombarding enemy ships and forts. Create your own fleet and control every ship on command. The game also gives you information about 50 years of real history and events. It allows you to play a multiplayer game in 2 different modes PvP and PvE.

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4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides Of WarPirates of the caribbean - Tides of war

A great strategy game with intuitive graphics. Develop your own character with the infamous Jack Sparrow and Gibbs. The gameplay offers a great story mode, join the greatest tales of pirates of the Caribbean along with Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Captain Barbossa. Build up your island and create your own fleet recruit the most notorious bandits to raider and rule over the ocean.

This game also allows you to join or create an alliance to fight the ancient supernatural monsters and other pirates. Construct different buildings to level up your crew and the island. Set sail by constructing new ships to hunt mystical creatures and enemy ships to increase your level.

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5. Ships Of BattleShips of battle

Be the most fearsome pirate in the Caribbean. Set your sail and navigate through the sea to find other pirate and marine ships. Track them to battle and loot their belongings, repair your ship and set sail in the heart of the sea once again to defeat enemies. Defeating bigger ships will give a better bonus.

In the pirate cove, get to the blacksmith to buy more ammo. Gather more crew members to improve battle capacity. Sell the loot in the marketplace and earn coins to upgrade your battleship. Buy new ships with the coins and gems in the shipyard. You can also earn gems from the mine but it requires a paid subscription.

It offers daily bonus from a spin wheel in the cove, you get a total of 3 spins daily. You can also access the Headquarters and complete various daily challenges. It offers an Open world game, you can roam around the world and complete your objectives. The game does not offer a multiplayer mode but expectations are that it will be added shortly in the next update.

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6. Pirate KingsPirate Kings

Spin the wheel to get coins and other attributes like Defend, Steal, and Attack. Build up your island by adding boat, goldmine, building and your personal birds. Bomb the other pirates who are building their empire near you. Improve your empire by building up a better establishment. Earn enough cash by spinning the wheel and upgrade the infrastructure.

It lets you connect to your Facebook account and gives you to battle your friends. Shoot cannonballs to destroy the enemy territory, loot and steal gold, and defend your empire. You also get to spin the daily bonus wheel and get free bonus coins. Another great feature of the game is you can revenge attack on those pirates who have looted your precious treasure previously.

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7. Myth Of PiratesMyth of Pirates

The best action game for the Pirate genre. Choose your character as a Pirate, Marine or an Undead. Defeat each boss with your lackeys on the specific island to increase your level and reach the top. Sail to the other island and defeat the other bosses as well.

With each win you get bonus coins, use them to buy new weapons to increase battle power. You can also buy armor, these armors will be activated when you reach level 3. Different skills are also available like Heal, Blade dance and Sheild wall. You can also buy accessories to get extra coins from battles. This game also allows you to add crew members, initially, you have only 6 slots for crews. Expand to 6 more slots for 250,000 coins and have some epic battle.

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8. King of Sails: Pirate AssassinsKing of Sails Pirate Assassins

Set sail into the high sea in an open world. This game will take you straight to the 18th century in the greatest pirates battle. Get into the online multiplayer battlefield to ravage the enemy warships to conquer the Caribbean. You get 5 vs 5 matches, use different tactics and combat process to keep yourself away from the enemy. Attack them from the hideout and win the battle, under no circumstance let your enemy see you.

The game has some exotic ship gallery, you can access them from the shipyard and buy them with silver coins. There are 3 different types of warships in the game – Corvettes these are scout ships, fast but don’t have much firepower. The next is Frigates which are lightweight and very fast in movement and the last is Battleship, the biggest and the most powerful warship. The control for the ship is very impressive, you can choose to raise or lower the sail to control the speed.

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9. Pirate’s Treasure HunterPirate's Treasure Hunter

Kids love adventures, give them the best platform to live their fantasy as a pirate treasure hunter. This game is developed by Hippo Baby Games for Girls and for Boys and is one of the best pirate games for kids. Find out the treasure hidden by Captain Flint in different island. The game has some real cartoon animation and your children will absolutely love it.

Hunt down the treasure as fast as possible because there are others who also seek for it. Travel from one island to another and defeat the other ships and take their gold trunks as well.

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10. One Piece Treasure CruiseOne Piece Treasure Cruise

If you are a hardcore anime and manga fan then you must know the importance of One Piece. The greatest treasure hid in the one piece world by the one and only infamous Gol D Roger. He before his execution to the marines told the world about the hidden treasure which motivated the whole world.

Join the adventure of Luffy and the straw hat pirates in their quest for the One Piece treasure. The story of the game consists of each chapter of the manga, so complete the quest to explore the tale of Luffy. The gameplay involves a tap battle system which lets you attack by tapping onto the enemy. You can also use strategies of chain attacks to defeat the toughest enemy. Become the most powerful pirate crew in the world.

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These are some of the best-handpicked offerings from the App Store and Play Store. Get the one that you liked the most. If you are into open world, strategy action or a manga fan, everything is covered for you. There is a game included for kids as well that can really be fun and educational at the same time. Try the games and let us know what you think and don’t forget to mention your experience in the comment section.

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