How To Invite And Add People To Board On Trello

Trello is one of the leading project management tools out there. It lets you organize your project in forms of boards, which can further be subcategorized into lists and cards. Basically, you can separate out the relevant aspects of a project and track their performance more efficiently. Moreover, you can add members by inviting them … Read more

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Review: A Smartwatch With a Blend Of Good And Bad

Smartwatches are now no different from our smartphones, despite the fact that smartwatches are really small in size. The use of smartwatch is increasing day by day, not just to watch time, but to do so much more. From GPS to Camera, everything is available in the latest smartwatches. A lot of companies are coming … Read more

7 Best Hamachi Alternatives For Creating VLAN

LogMeIn Hamachi is a Virtual Private Network application. It creates a secure private connection between computers/devices even though the computers are not directly connected. Hamachi is surely a leading VPN application in the market which is used for various purposes and is completely safe. Like using Hamachi, employees can access the company’s resources even when … Read more

How To Check FPS On Android Phone In Mobile Games And Videos In Two Ways

If you want to know your phone’s FPS for playing mobile games or watching videos, you can do so by using third-party apps like iGamer and Game Booster. These apps can be used to check the FPS on your Android device to ensure smoother gameplay. If you’re an avid movie watcher or mobile gamer, you … Read more