How to Zoom Instagram Photos in Android and iPhone

Did you ever want to zoom in on Instagram photos? Even if you did, there is no officially supported feature by Instagram to zoom and enlarge photos. However, in this tutorial, I will share methods to zoom into Instagram photos in Android and iPhone without using any app.

There are 2 methods with which you can enlarge pictures on Instagram. Have a look at view enlarged Instagram profile picture if you are specifically looking to view profile picture. Proceed reading this guide if you want to zoom in on other Instagram photos.

Zoom Instagram Photos

Zoom Instagram Photos

Method 1 : Enlarge Instagram photo – Android, iPhone

This method is unknown to many, I can say that for sure, hence putting it first. Let’s get into it.

Open Phone Settings on your Android or iPhone.

For iOS

a. Open Settings App.

b. Under Settings, select General.

c. Now in General settings select Accessibility.

d. Under Accessibility, select Zoom in Vision section.

Zoom Instagram Photos

e. Toggle Zoom to ON.

Enlarge Instagram Photos iPhone

As soon as you toggle it to ON the screen will be zoomed in. Double tap three fingers to zoom out.

This is the main setting which will allow you to zoom in on Insta photos. Have a look at how to configure the similar setting for Android.

For Android

a.  Open Settings and select Accessibility.

b. Under accessibility tap on Magnification gestures.

c. Toggle the Magnification gestures to ON.

Also, please note the below gestures in order to use zoom functionality properly. These gestures are same for both Android and iOS.

  • Double tap three fingers to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Drag three fingers to move around the screen.

After making this setting on your iPhone or Android, open Instagram App and go to the photo which you want to zoom. Double tap using three fingers and the photograph will be zoomed in.

In order to zoom out of the picture double tap using three fingers.

Here is a video tutorial to zoom Instagram photos.

Method 2 : Zoom Instagram photos

This method is straight forward. Open the image and take a screenshot or save Instagram photo. After that, you can zoom in as you would normally zoom for a photo in your smartphone’s gallery.

We hope that you were able to zoom into Instagram photos using the above methods. Share it with your friends if you found them interesting and helpful.


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