7 Best Yahoo News Digest Alternative Apps For Android and iPhone

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2017 has witnessed the downfall of the Internet giant Yahoo, that was once the major competitor to Google. During its reign as one of the major internet search engine, Yahoo has created some innovative products that proved as the best in its category and domain. Flickr, Yahoo Answers, and Yahoo News Digest were some of those that were built innovatively at Yahoo. Out of all News Digest app is one among the best news app that topped the lists for its innovative design and interesting UI. Here I am going to share some Yahoo News Digest alternative apps for Android and iPhone.

Why look for Yahoo News Digest Alternative Apps?

Well now after being sold to Verizon, Yahoo decided to kill News Digest App, best of its iconic product. This sudden decision has made its 1 Million fans to look for the similar apps. The app is still listed on the stores but the company has shut down the curation of the news feed so it is not working anymore. Keeping that in mind have compiled the best alternatives to the Yahoo News Digest App.

1) Flipboard: News For Any Topic

Flipboard app alternative to News Digest

Flipboard, developed by a former Apple engineer, is the first app in the list. The Yahoo news app is best known for its unique UI and navigation. A similar innovative and unique design principles have been featured in Flipboard. It’s flipping card effect is one of the best app design concepts available for both iPhone and Android.

Flipboard features stories that include photography to productivity, travel to technology, fashion to food. It’s unique in the app that navigation has bound everything in one place. With all these beautiful features reading, collecting, and sharing stories has never been easier.

You can even create your own magazines and share with millions of readers on Flipboard. All these have made us choose Flipboard as the best substitute to Yahoo news digest.

Flipboard for Android | Flipboard for iOS

2) Feedly: Get Smarter

Best Yahoo News Digest Alternative apps - Feedly

Feedly app has simple UI that even a beginner can read, collect and share the interesting piece of news happening across the world.

With Feedly, you can stay updated with the most important news, the most compelling articles, and real-time headlines.

Feedly app curates the best and Interesting news feeds from various sources across the web and presents them in the simplest possible way.

The best thing about Feedly is that it eliminates the clutter of unnecessary feeds. You can choose over your favorite feeds across the web and read them in an organized way. You can choose from various categories and topics.

Feedly for Android | Feedly for iOS

3) MSN News: Breaking Headlines

Yahoo News Digest Alternatives - MSN News

MSN News is best news app that delivers breaking headlines time to time. It also lets you stay updated with global events across the globe. It aggregates the hand picked trending stories on a daily basis.

If you want to stay updated with the latest breaking headlines and news across the globe, MSN News is the one stop place for all your interests.

The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Microsoft News for Android | Microsoft News for iOS

4) Curiosity

Curiosity App

Another alternative to Yahoo news digest app is Curiosity. It is the best source to learn and grow. Millions of readers spend their time reading interesting stories and solving smart puzzles.

Curiosity delivers the most compelling articles and stories. Easy on the eyes, the app is full of rich media and makes reading a fun experience.

Unlike the above apps, it’s not a content aggregation app, it’s a content providing app. You can choose over from various topics like space, technology, art, and history etc.

If you want to enjoy a news app with rich media and unique design then Curiosity is the best available alternative.

Curiosity for Android | Curiosity for iOS

5) Google News

Google News alternative to News Digest

Google News is the closest app like Yahoo News Digest. Both Yahoo and Google were the major players in the search engine market in which the former has failed to innovate and lost to its competitor.

Google News app delivers the hottest news trending on the web. It harnesses the power of Google search engine and suggest the latest news in time and as quickly as possible.

Get your hands on the Google news app and stay updated.

Google News for Android | Google News for iOS

6) HuffPost- News

Huffington Post News App

Huff post is the simplified version of the HuffingtonPost.com.

The HuffPost is the leading source of news and commentary for the most diverse and connected generation ever.

The app replicates the web version of Huffington Post and delivers you the news that matters. You can stay informed with the top news digest that is contributed by the finest and best team of editors at Huffington Post.

With this app, you can enjoy the best news feed.

HuffPost for Android | HuffPost for iOS

7) BuzzFeed: News, Tasty, Quizzes

Buzzfeed App for News

It is one of the most popular content portals that is the home of viral and trending content across the web and social media.

BuzzFeed, the name itself explain the app. You can read the latest buzz that has been trending across the globe.

BuzzFeed is like a complete meal, featuring everything that’s happened and going viral. You get chilled with interesting quizzes, stay updated with news buzz and watch your favorite shows wherever you are.

If you love infotainment then BuzzFeed is a must have app for you.

Download and enjoy the latest buzz.

BuzzFeed for Android | BuzzFeed for iOS

Final Verdict

If you want to read feeds from various sources then MSN News, Flipboard, Google News and Feedly are the best Yahoo news digest alternative apps available. And if you want to enjoy customized and hand-picked content that’s free from news clutter then Curiosity, HuffPost and BuzzFeed are the options.

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