5 Yahoo Messsenger Alternatives You Can Try

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Yahoo Messenger discontinued their services after July 17, 2018. The reason which they have mentioned is that they would like to introduce a new communication service which fits today’s consumer needs. Although they have recommended Squirrel which is in Beta version but still if you are looking for other Yahoo Messenger alternatives then you can follow this article.

Apps Like Yahoo Messenger

1. Skype


You can install Skype on any device which you are using. That is why Skype is used so vastly and globally. Skype provides a lot of features to its users. They can use voice and video calls, send messages, share pictures, and emoticons as well. What more could one ask for?

It is easy to install without any prior requirements. Call between Skype to Skype users is free. It can be used for business meetings and Interviews using video call feature. There is no limit to the number of chats and video calls a user can make.

Skype can be used as the only app on your phone which can take care of all the communications that take place.

Official links – Android, iOS, Website

2. Allo

Yahoo Messenger Alternative - Google Allo

A Google product with a powerful AI search called Google Assistant. This app is a perfect alternative to Yahoo Messenger app. It provides all the mandatory features one would expect in a Messenger.

It lets you chat and video call your contacts, but you need to install Google Duo for video calls. You can also send GIFS to your friends which is not available on Skype. Other than that people can also share images and links through this app.

Users can even create group chats in this App. And also you can add new contacts by scanning their QR code via Allo. Like WhatsApp you there’s a Web version for Allo too.

Official links – Android, iOS, Website

3. IMO

IMO - Yahoo messenger alternatives

IMO is a great app for voice and video calling. Its interface is so simple to use and still looks pleasing at the same time.

Just like every messaging app, IMO lets you send messages and share images. You can also make use of emoticons to make chatting much more fun. Users can also connect with the different user with the help of video calls. And unlike other apps, this one does not consume so much of your data and yet the quality looks great.

This app is perfect for casual interactions with your friends and loved ones. You can make group video calls including more than just 2 users at a time. People can also use group chat by adding multiple contacts to the group.

Official links – Android and iOS

4. Jitsi

Jitsi meet messenger

Jitsi is just like Skype, a video, and audio conferencing app. But it is more secure when compared to Skype. It is available as an app called Jitsi Meet and also as a website.

Unlike others, it does not follow the typical contacts style. Instead, it allows you to create a room. If you want someone to join then just tell them Room’s name to enter and participate. You can either create a video room for video conferencing or an audio room for just voice interaction.

Jitsi was released in Feb 2017. Yes, it needs a lot of improvements and lacks fancy features like other competitors but it is still effective and definitely worth giving a try.

Official links – Android, iOS, Website

5. Google Duo

Google Duo

Who doesn’t likes a Google product? They are so simple and easy to use. Google always succeeds in providing the best package in a user-friendly style. This one is also no different.

Google Duo is a one on one video chat app. Control and settings are so easy to use. And the best part is that you don’t need a Facebook or email account to sign up for this service. Just log in with your phone number and start chatting.

It also provides a feature called knock knock through which you might be able to identify the person who is calling you by the help of video streaming. What sets it apart from other apps like Yahoo Messenger is that it aims at achieving stability. If you do not have enough bandwidth then it will lower the video quality, therefore, making connectivity much more stable.

Official links – Android, iOS


Personally, I would recommend the combination of both Google products to achieve the best results. Allo for texting and Duo for video calling. I prefer Google products as compared to any other service providers.

And if you want all in one kind of app then Skype is definitely one of the best Yahoo Messenger alternatives.

Which Messenger do you use? Let us know if we have missed out any major one.

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