Xbox Fitness will no longer require the Kinect

Xbox Fitness, a complete comprehensive service by Microsoft on the Xbox One platform for the workout starters and health freaks has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to workouts using the Xbox One. The service required you to have the Kinect (Microsoft’s motion detector and an add-on for Xbox) for going with the workout regimes and unlocking achievements while keeping yourself fit. But recently, due to the gaining popularity and maybe fitness should be for all, Microsoft has released Xbox Fitness for Xbox One owners who don’t have the Kinect.

Xbox fitness doesn't require Kinect

Xbox Fitness with Kinect is total fun when working out and competing with your friends when it comes to unlocking achievements and scoring better than others. Putting it down to not use the Kinect is a nice attempt to get more subscribers but this means less “competitive” competition because when there is no Kinect the service becomes mere a streaming one and you earn points when you complete a stream. In my view this ultimately alters the purpose of the service and makes it the boring fitness routine streaming service.

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But however, the users will now be able to get the premium workouts from world renowned trainers  even when they don’t have Kinect. This sounds like a demerit to the Kinect holders when we talk about the subscription of the Xbox Fitness. Well, if everybody is benefiting from the service (because they are getting a better body to impress their significant others or to get one, meh) there is no harm in making it a general availability.

Xbox Fitness trainers

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The one of the much demanded feature is the workout downloading. Sometimes internet ditches us like it’s going to be the end of the world and hence the workout downloading will help you complete your intense workout without any abrupt interference. Thus the service is going to be enhanced and daily workouts can be downloaded right on your hard drive. Let’s see how any more subscriptions Microsoft bags in it’s account.


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