How to write Upside Down text and Backwards on WhatsApp, Facebook

Have you received WhatsApp messages with upside down and reverse text? Or seen Facebook posts with mirrored text from your friends? If you are reading this it is clear that you too want to send flip text in WhatsApp and write upside down on Facebook. You can follow this tutorial to write upside down text and backwards text on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and almost anywhere you desire. The method will work for Android, iPhone, Windows smartphone’s as well as on your PC.

Type Upside Down text on Facebook and WhatsApp

If things have got boring on social networks or while messaging then try using upside down and backwards text to spice things up. You can also try using different WhatsApp font style while sending messages.

I will be sharing a few upside down text generator and backwards text generator tools which will help you to flip desired text. So, let us get to it.

Write Upside Down Text : WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more

The tools shared below will work on iPhone, Android, Windows smartphone’s as well as on your PC. So, you can use them on any of your devices. You just need a browser to use them.

I will be using screenshots from my iPhone for this guide. Having said that the steps remain the same for Android, Windows and PC remain the same.

1. Upsidedowntext

I liked this tool because of its ability to let the user make the selection of either upside down or reverse text or both. Other tools mostly will flip and reverse text by default.

In order to use it open Upsidedowntext[link] from any web browser. Type the desired text in the first box.  Now, you can even select either of the two effects also if you wish.

Next, select the flipped and reversed text in the second box and tap on Copy.

Upside Down Text on WhatsApp and Facebook

After this, you can paste this text in Notes app for later use as well. Open Facebook, WhatsApp or any other desired app. Paste the upside down text and send it on WhatsApp or post it as a status/comment on Facebook.

Write Upside Down text on Facebook, WhatsApp

Similarly, you can make use of the following two tools as well to type upside down.



We wish that you were able to post and comment on FB with upside down and reversed letters after going through our tutorial. If you use any other tool to reverse and flip text then do share with everyone in the comments section.

How often do you use upside down text while messaging or posting social media update?

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