How to Work on Two Applications on Same Screen in Windows 8/10

You want to watch a movie while replying to someone on Gmail conversation, prepare some doc and look at the files copying status on Windows simultaneously without switching applications. When you have to keep an eye on multiple tasks at once on Windows OS, then you can easily do without using any software or any other extra settings in Windows. In this article, I will take you through how you can use default feature to work on two applications at once in Windows 8/10 by dividing the screen into two segments.

how to work on two applications at once in windows os

Work on two Applications at once in Windows 8/10 PC

You do not have to make any settings to open two active windows side by side. This is default feature provided by Windows, just follow the below steps to run two applications on the same screen. To demonstrate the steps, I will have pictures on one window and Gmail conversation in another window.

1) Open both the applications you want to work on your PC. So that it will be shown at the bottom task bar of Windows OS.

2) Next, tap on the navigation bar on one of the application & drag it to the right end of the screen and release it. This will make it cover half of the Window screen.

open two applications side by side


3) Now open another app from the bottom dock of opened apps. Click on the application to open.

4) Next, you have to follow the same procedure. Here I am using a browser as another window. Again tap & hold the navigation bar of the window & drag it to the left end of the window. This will cover another half of the screen.

how to open two application on same screen in windows - second application

how to work on two applications at once in windows -applications

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So now you have two applications opened on the same screen. And you do not have to switch applications; you can seamlessly work on two windows by dividing the screen using this simpler way.


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