Windows 9 coming soon with new features and enhancements over Windows 8

Microsoft is set to soon unveil their new Operating System Windows 9 and the much-rumored or expected date is September 30th,2014 in a week time from now. Windows 8 which was not successful and did not get the same response when compared to other operating systems by Microsoft.Therefore Windows 8 needed a lot of improvements and fixes, which now will  be reflected in Windows 9.

It is not clear whether the latest operating system from Microsoft is going to named Windows 9 or Windows 8.2. However, Microsoft has code-named it as “Windows Threshold”.

Windows 9 Features / Windows 9 vs Windows 8

1. Start Menu is back 

Windows 9 Features- Start Menu
Start Menu-Windows 9

One can easily say that the most irritating thing about Windows 8 was absence of Start Menu. Absence of Start Menu made things a lot more inconvenient and confusing . One of the major reasons Windows 8 didn’t get a good response.However,in Windows 9 Microsoft has decided to bring  Start Menu  back which is good decision.Therefore ,good news for all the Windows users.

To add to this, it will come with a new look and will have Tiles of the Apps which show up in Windows 8 integrated to it.



2. Cortana: Like Siri in IOS

Cortana is a new feature which is going to be introduced in Windows 9. With Cortana user can just talk and perform tasks with voice interactions. This feature is already there in IOS accomplished via Siri.

Cortana is already introduced in Windows Phones with Windows 8.1 . Cortana is going to be significant part of Windows 9.

3. Hidden UI elements reduced

Many of the user interface elements were hidden and irritating to access in Windows 8. Now they are reduced and will result in much better user experience.

4. Compatibility with Higher Resolution Display

Windows 8 is not all compatible when it comes to higher resolution like 3200 x 1800 display.However,Windows 9 is coming with support for higher Resolution.

5. One Windows Targeted for all the devices

With Windows 9 Microsoft is targeting to keep one Windows common to all the devices Windows Phones,Windows,Tablets and computers unlike Windows 8.This will result in creating a much better environment for developers as well as users.

6. Cloud Approach with Windows 9

Windows 9 OS will reside in Cloud except for the core part which will be locally stored in the system’s BIOS. OS from cloud can be easily accessed by any application you desire to use.

7. Better Power/Process Management

Windows 8 had improvements in CPU usage as compared to Windows 7 .Microsoft has improved it even more for Windows 9. Windows 8 is expected to wake up the CPU less than a hundred times per second compared to thousand times per second in Windows 7.

8. Lesser Size

Windows 9 will have a reduced size as compared to Windows 8. Good for devices which do not have enough memory like a Tablet.

How to install Windows 9

There is a rumor which points that Windows upgrade to Windows 9 will be available through a One-Click upgrade button. With this user can just upgrade to Windows 9 by clicking this upgrade button without re-installing full Windows from scratch. It does not confirm yet , however, the button is present in internal builds used while developing but Microsoft may remove it on the final release.

Windows 9 Release Date

Microsoft is expected to announce Windows 9 on September 30th,2014 at a special press event.The press event which is confirmed may very well be the date when Windows 9 is released.


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