Why you should not hibernate your Laptop?


Hibernate option provided in OS like Windows or in OSX (MacBook) is a power saving feature. The hibernate option allows you to save the current state of your system to the Hard Disk so that you can resume from where you left and then shuts down your computer. I was using the hibernate mode until I get to know about the cons of hibernating. But why you should not hibernate your laptop? is today we are going to share with you.

In Windows OS you will be able to see the feature directly to Hibernate, but in OSX (MacBook OS) you will see it is named as “Safe Sleep”.

What actually Hibernate feature do?

Hibernate is called the ‘deeper-sleep’ of your PC. In short, hibernate mode will save the state of your work available on the RAM to the Hard Disk and shuts down the PC. Hibernating starts up the system than normal startup, but it takes more time to wake-up than the Sleep mode.

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Why not to use the hibernate feature?

As you get to know what hibernate feature do, here comes the reason that why you should not hibernate your laptop or a PC. Hibernating your laptop will consume its battery and reduces the battery life. It also affects the board of your system. Avoid hibernating your system and if you are using the hibernate or Safe-Sleep feature rarely, then it is fine because it is made for rare purpose only. However, it’s a power saving feature, but if you are using the feature daily you will notice in few days itself that your laptop’s battery backup has gone down.

So you get to know why you should not hibernate your laptop. Use the hibernate feature only when it is necessary, else avoid it and save the life span of your laptop’s battery. But still if you want to regularly put the laptop in hibernate mode, it is recommended to keep the charging on for your laptop.

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