Why Apple is in big trouble?

They say that, “The company that innovates and is lucky will take the market”. True to every single word of it, Apple has proved its metal in the market and with its continuous research and development, Apple and its talented team has time and again launched updated products in the market which have tested times and have defeated its customers’ hands down. Apple consumers are among the most brand loyal consumers in the world. With a high patronage like that it is most unlikely that the company will get in any sort of controversy and that also due to technical challenges. Having said that, Apple is in big trouble and we are going to explain why exactly.

Apple is in big trouble

Unfortunately, the Tech giant  is in the news again, but for all the wrong reasons this time. Tech Lovers know that, Apple went through major outbursts at the launch of iOS 8. The operating system had major bugs problem, with around 10 further updates in 11 months, mostly to fix the bugs in the software. All in all iOS 8 was a major disaster for the company and drew a lot of attention in the social media. So when iOS 9 was launched, people had a lot of expectations from the same. Apple had put in a lot of efforts and time in its Beta testing. Finally, on September 16th, 2015, Apple launched iOS 9. But due to problems faced by users in downloading the software, again it’s popularity came down.

 To add to the foes of Apple, recently a major problem was incurred by iOS 9 users. It was discovered that the WiFi Assist feature in the phones supporting the system has been eating up a lot of data caps.  This problem was reported by Mr. William Scott Phillips and Mrs. Suzanna Phillips and they have filed a suit against the company in the same regard. The case says that the Apple iOS 9 update turns on the WiFi Assist on its own without the user’s knowledge eating mobile data. As and when the company got to know, it immediately came with a ‘support guide on its website’ for the consumers to switch off the same.

The feature can be found by going to Settings and Selecting Mobile Data. At the bottom you will have WiFi Assist under Mobile Data in iOS 9. WiFi Assist is enabled by default in iOS 9.

WiFi Assist, Apple in trouble
WiFi Assist Setting


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Apple, has not yet launched a software update to correct the feature and therefore, still has not been able to reach out maximum customers as many people are still unknowingly using their mobile data. The general users use their mobile data to stream music, videos and run normal applications, all of this can lead to using a significant amount of mobile data. Both the plaintiffs have experienced heavy changes on their iPhone 5s models, the amount is not yet disclosed, but they have filed a suit of $5 millions.

For our layman consumers, its our advice that in case you are using iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or a first generation iPad mini, you do not need to worry, all other Apple users please follow the process given on the official Apple website and turn off the Wifi assist. Will Apple be able to come out of this problem and satisfy the loyal Apple consumers? Only Time will tell!


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