Get to know why App Slicing in iOS 9 is not yet introduced

You might have gone through iOS 9 features in detail by now and must be wondering where the hell is App Slicing feature in iOS 9 hidden. To make it clear, it’s not yet introduced in iOS 9. In this article, I will take you through the use of App slicing feature and the reason of it missing in current iOS version. Also, when can App slicing feature be expected to be there for public use.

App Slicing in iOS 9

App slicing is a feature which will be useful and pretty much appreciated by all iPhone users. App Slicing allows users to download smaller version of iOS Apps also known as App Thinning. This is achievable by downloading only the resources required to run on that particular iOS device rather than downloading the universal version of iOS App which can run on all the iOS devices, thus saving a lot of useful space. 

Why App slicing is missing iOS 9

For example, if you download an app in iPhone 5s, then App slicing feature will not include higher resolution images and other graphics not supported for  iPhone 5s. This way you are only downloading the resources needed to run the App on iPhone 5s, which will obviously be smaller in size and save you a lot of space on your iPhone.

Now when you know about App slicing feature, let’s find out why it’s still missing in current iOS 9 version. 

Reason behind missing App Slicing feature 

Don’t worry, missing App Slicing feature in current iOS 9 version is not a bug. App Slicing is not yet introduced because of an iCloud backup bug in iOS 9. The bug does not allow to restore the Universal version of iOS app from iCloud backup. The App restored from the iCloud backup created from iOS 9 is specific to that iOS device.

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As soon as iOS developers fix iCloud backup issue, App Slicing feature will be rolled out. However, there is no word from Apple when is that supposed to happen but most probably it will come soon in major iOS 9 version.

Personally, I am waiting eagerly for App slicing feature as my iPhone is always running out of storage space. Do you like App Slicing? Do share your thoughts. 

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